Basic Information, cost and income potential!

Q. Do I have to be a webcam model for a certain amount of time before I can get my own independent webcam site?

A. Not really! You can start it right from the beginning and run it in parallel while working on other cam sites. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll start making money with it. If you run it in conjunction while working with a cam girl site, make sure you read their fine print and stay within their TOS rules during your working hours for them.

Q. How many hours I am going to be required to make myself available to the clients?

A. Running a web site is totally different from working on a cam site. You’ll have to spend at least 3 hours a week updating the content and another 3 hours promoting your site. So we would say you have to dedicate at least 6 hours per week for running your website which is not that much, is it? Of course the more you put into it, the more you can get out of it.

Q. What would my complete financial output for my website and hosting be without any hidden costs (including your services, hosting packages, payment processor set-up etc.)

A. Ok, here is the breakdown of all expenses you are going encounter:

1. The cost of our service: $499
2. Domain name: $19 a year (including the privacy setting so that your real name and address can’t be retrieved via your domain name)
3. Hosting: $6.95 a month if you prepay for 1 year, or $8.95 monthly (plus $5 setup fee). We have also a 20% discount coupon if you prepay for one year.

We know for some cam girls it may seem to be expensive, but think about it the other way – it will cost you only around $350 to have your own independent business set up

Q. How is the revenue from private chat income distributed? I found a site that pays 50/50. What is your payout?

A. We don’t take any money from your earnings. That’s the whole point of being independent cam girl. However you’ll have to pay a small cut (which is 9%) to the payment processor that will process all the payments

Q. Do you know of any adult friendly hosting providers or do you help me set up with one?

A. We partner with adult friendly hosting company called CertifiedHosting. We have used them for years and have no complains at all! We will guide you through the sign up process and will get you 20% off coupon

Q. How much does an average independent cam model make in a month and do you have any webcam models who actually turn a profit and generate a good income via their own websites?

A. An average independent cam model makes around $2,000 a month. However you won’t see these money from the day 1. You’ll have to build up and promote your site for at least 6 months in order to see this kind of income. We have a number of successful webcam models for whom we’ve set up sites and they developed it into independent business that brings a steady income. Check the video testimonials here.

Building and maintenance of Website or Blogsite!

Q. How long will it take for the site to be setup?

A. The basic version of website will be set up within one business day after you register domain name and hosting. Then we’ll have to choose the design and tweak it to your personal preferences. This will take few more days, depending how fast you respond to our requests. Payment processor integration will take a couple of days too, since your site should go through the approval process with payment processor company. So, to have a fully functional website it will take about 1.5-2 weeks.

Q. Do I need to have technical skills in order to build and maintain my website or is there a service out there available to me who can help me with this?

A. We will do all the technical work needed to set up the fully functional web site. And we will teach you how to operate it. Should you have any technical issues in the future you can always contact us. You will receive the FREE support unless the request is time consuming. In this case we will provide you with a reasonable rate.

Q. Do you design and build the website for me and if yes what all does that include in the package price?

A. We build the web site for you but we don’t design it. It means that the basic website comes with the default appearance. But then we help you to find the one of many free designs available on the Internet and apply it to your site. Then we adjust it according to your preferences, like putting your picture in the header, changing font, colors, background, etc

Q. If the site goes down for some reason or I experience other technical difficulties will I be able to contact you for help? If yes, how quickly do you usually respond?

A. From the hosting perspective the site will be up 99.9% of time. We partner with reliable hosting service and they have outages very rarely. If you experience technical difficulties related to site operation you can always contact us. We guarantee to respond within one business day.

Q. To which extents are the website layout, design and feel customizable and can I add other options later as my site grows if necessary?

A. Website layout is very customizable. Site is built on top of WordPress platform which is very customizable even in basic set up. Plus we install many additional plugins you will need for running your site. Many design themes add additional customization options. And we can always go even farther and make the changes in a code to suit your needs. You can add other options later by installing additional plugins that you may want.

Q. Will you provide me with a comprehensive guide or instructions to customize aspects of my website as I please? For example: How to change the Header or background color of my Website.

A. Yes, we will provide you with all material (text documents and videos) to teach how to operate your website. As for header or background color, depending on design theme you’ve chosen you could do it easily through the theme settings or we can always do it for you if your design theme doesn’t support these type of customizations. Note that design is something that you do once and it serves you for a number of months or even years. We will help you to choose the design you like and customize it according to your preferences until you are happy with the way your site looks.

Copyright, Privacy and Content questions!

Q. Who owns the content I place on my website?

A. You are the only owner of the content of your site. Your domain name and hosting account will be registered under your name. And once we finish with the site setup, we’ll advice you on how to change all the passwords so that only you have access to your site accounts.

Q. Do I retain full ownership over my content if you build the site for me or do you gain ownership after I retire?

A. Your content will reside on your hosting account and only you will have access to it. In case you decide to retire, you can copy all the content to your local computer and then cancel your hosting account.

Q. Do I need to copyright protect content and if yes how do I copyright protect it?

A. To make sure your content is copyright protected, you need to have a copyright statement at the bottom of every page on your site. You copyright statement will appear on every page of your site, this is the part of setup. Also you will need to watermark your content, so that your site name appears somewhere in the corner of pictures and videos. You have all necessary plugins installed to watermark every picture you upload to the site. To watermark video, you’ll have to use video editing software.

Q. Can Clients purchase my shows via my website and can I set up an online video on demand store for my clips if I so desire?

A. Yes, they can. Your website will be integrated with an adult friendly payment processor, so your clients will be able to purchase webcam shows and other content. As for video on demand store. You will be able to sell videos the same way as webcam shows, however once video is purchased you will need to upload it manually and then send the download link to the buyer

Q. Will I be able to upload my videos as well as pictures to my site directly or do I have to go through you.

A. You will be able to do it yourself. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to upload your content to the site all by yourself.

Q. Can I offer a paid membership along with my live shows and other products?

A. No. Our service doesn’t include setting up the membership site. It will be more like eCommerce store where your clients will be able to make one time purchases. Note that membership sites don’t work that well these days. It’s much easier to close one time sale rather than subscribe client for recurring monthly payments.

Q. Do I have to give you my identity and where I live? Do you require any ID’s or release forms?

A. No, We don’t need your identity or any kind of release forms. However in order to start receiving payments for your shows you will need to sign up with adult friendly payment processor. This sign up process will require the signed agreement and prove of age.

Q. Can specific people and geographic be blocked from accessing my site if I so choose? If yes, how can this be done?

A. Your site setup will come with the plugin that allows to block certain countries or regions from accessing your website. For the regions you will have to provide us with the range of IP addresses you want to block.

Credit Card Processing and implementation!

Q. What payment processor do I use to book my shows?

A. Your site will be integrated with adult friendly payment processor Zombaio. They have the cheapest processing rate which is 9%. But if you prefer the other payment processors (AlertPay, CCBill, etc) we can integrate them with your site as well.

Q. How does the credit card collection process actually work and what are the fees related to payment processing? What do I pay per transaction etc.

A. We will set up a payment buttons on your site for different services you provide. For example “10 Minutes Show for $15”, “6 Videos for $40”, etc. When client clicks a payment button, he will be taken to the payment processor site (Zombaio) where he will enter his credit card info. You will receive an email with client’s info and details of the transaction. Then you can follow up with buyer to deliver the service. Zombaio charges 9% processing fees per transaction (you keep 91% of money).

Q. Would my clients pay through my site with a credit card (integrated payment processing) or do I have to direct them to a third party site for this?

A. The payment process will be initiated from your site. The credit card processing will be done through the payment processor site and then will be taken back to your site. The whole process is very straightforward for the client.

Q. What do I need to do in order to maintain a good standing with my credit card processing service? (Avoiding charge backs, fraudulent charges etc)

A. Credit card processing service uses advanced fraud detection systems to prevent frauds. So the only problem you can encounter is unsatisfied client who can dispute the charge which will result in chargeback. So, to avoid chargebacks make sure you meet the expectations of your new and current clients. Have a clear explanations of the services you provide. Also before doing a cam show you may let your client know that you don’t do certain things. You got the idea.

Legal questions

Q. Can you tell me anything about this 2257 law?

A. To be short, 2257 law ensures that adult models that are featured on your website are at least 18 years old. In your case you will be the only performer on your site which means that you will comply with 2257 law (assuming you are 18 years old and older). The proper 2257 disclosure will be included with your site which will make it totally 2257 compliant.

Q. Will I need to implement the 2257 law for my website and if yes how do I do this?

A. Assuming you are at least 18 years old, your site will be totally 2257 compliant. We will set up 2257 disclosure note page on your site and link to it from every other page. You won’t need to do anything on your end.

Q. Where can I get 2257 forms and do I have to pay for those? If I have guest performers featured on my site will I need a 2257 form for each of them, and what other forms of legal documents should I keep on file?

A. Your site will include 2257 disclosure notice. You don’t have to pay anything. However if you have guest performers on your site you will need to collect a proof of their age (they should be at least 18 years old) in the form of copy of their ID and a signed Model Release from. Keep those in a safe place.

Q. What is a “Keeper of Records” and do I have to name the person or company on a special 2257 page in order to make it legal? Who can be the “Keeper of Records”? Do I have to hire someone or can I keep my own Records?

A. “Keeper of Records” is the person or organization that keeps the proof of age (copy of ID, password, etc) for the adult model. Since you will be the owner of the website which will feature your own produced content, you will be considered as the keeper of records. Once you sign up with adult friendly payment processor to be able to receive the payments for your shows, this payment processor can be listed as keeper of records. We will properly set up your 2257 page to include the correct information about the keeper of records

Promoting, Marketing and Traffic Trades

Q. Once I have my own independent webcam entertainer website or blogsite how do I go about marketing and promoting myself and my services?

A. You got to work hard at the beginning to promote your web site and constantly keep promoting it afterwards. There are many free ways to promote your website, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. But the most important promotional tool is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By writing search optimized blog posts you will pick up the search engine traffic (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) which will be bringing you tones of potential clients. We will teach you the basics of SEO and also connect your blog with your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Q. Do you offer promotional services (traffic driving, banner exchanges, top list directories, newsletters etc) or am I solely responsible for this myself?

A. You are solely responsible, but we will teach you all the basics you need to know to successfully promote your site in the internet.

Q. What are the benefits of having a blog and updating it? How often should I update my blog?

A. The biggest benefit of having a blog and updating it constantly is search engine traffic that you will be getting for FREE. The site will be set up so that every time you post a new blog posts, all major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) get notified and they index your blog post within the hour. This means that if someone types some phrase that is present in your blog post, your site will show up in the search results. Search engine traffic will be bringing you tones of potential clients.

Q. I would like to do a blog and implement other sales venues and services as well via my blog. For example sell lingerie or toys. Would it be difficult to integrate and maintain?

A. Your site will be already pre-build with the ability to sell your digital content such as webcam shows, videos and picture sets. However the payment processor we use to process the payments doesn’t allow selling physical goods such as lingerie or toys. But you can sell lingerie or toys via paypal. You just have to be very careful since paypal is not adult friendly. But we’ve seen many independent models selling their lingerie via paypal. It’s very easy to integrate paypal payment buttons with your site and we can help you with this

Q. Who promotes independent cam models and where? Do you know of any good sites which promote independent cam girls and what is an average cost (%, please) they would take to be featured on their site?

A. Independent cam models promote themselves. That’s the whole point of being independent. With so many ways to promote your site for free there is no point to pay for the traffic. Although there are a couple of sites (like webcams411.com) that list independent cam models in exchange for the back link or a small fee ($10-20 a month) but don’t expect to get much traffic from these sites.

Q. How do I go about setting up link trades with other independent models and what are some of the quickest and most profitable ways of getting my name out?

A. Independent cam models promote themselves. That’s the whole point of being independent. With so many ways to promote your site for free there is no point to pay for the traffic. Although there are a couple of sites (like webcams411.com) that list independent cam models in exchange for the back link or a small fee ($10-20 a month) but don’t expect to get much traffic from these sites.

Q. How do I design Banners and Buttons to use for link trades with other independent webcam models or for other online marketing efforts and how effective are they?

A. You can design simple banners yourself using photoshop or other similar graphic editors. There are many video tutorials on the Internet that show step by step how to design banners. Or you can hire a professional designer to do it for you for a fee (around $20-40). Note, that banners are not that effective anymore. People got a habit to ignore the banners while surfing the Internet. The text links work much better in this matter. For example you can ask your fellow webcam model to write a short review article about your site on her blog. This review article should have a couple of text links that point to your site. This would be much more effective than simply putting your banner on her blog.

Contact us if you have any other questions!