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Hello everyone, I am Alex and I am the Owner of I know you are wondering what is and what all this has to do with you! is designated for web cam models, independent escorts, erotic massagers, strippers, porn actresses and other adult industry professionals who want to run their own independent business on the Internet. I belief that you should have free reign in how you run YOUR business and deserve to get paid for your work and talent, not have to be limited by the rules of a big company and worst yet having to give up a large percentage of your income. For that reason, we set you up with a fully functional web site which will allow you to build a large audience to whom you can directly sell your web cam shows, pictures, videos and any other services you may provide.

About a year ago, we have helped to set up an independent web site for webcam model RoselynnLocks. The site has grown into established independent online business with solid fan-base and it keeps growing every day. Roselynn shares her experience with the service from the very beginning:

YouTube Preview Image

With your own website you will be able to keep all the money you make, be your own boss and set your own rules! We at are not web pimps, but your way to freedom and owning your own webcam model business.

Once you’re set up… the site and of course ALL THE MONEY IT GENERATES is yours! We don’t take a cut, we don’t control your content… in fact, we will be like a distant memory at that point! Our only function after the set up is for IT support should you need us.

If you already work as webcam model on cam sites, you have probably noticed that the huge competition among models leaves you spending way too much time trying to entice freeloaders. Many girls get naked in free chats to stand out from the competition, which makes it even harder to sell a show. You are worth more than that and you deserve to be the Star!

Stop wasting your time competing on a multi model cam sites just so you can share most of the profit with them. It’s time you start looking out for yourself instead of making other people rich on your sweat, and to get yourself to the next level. You know the old saying – work smarter not harder! Work less and make more money with your own site! It’s your time and your energy… it should be YOU making the money you work so hard for!

Why iCamModel?

Because we want YOU to succeed! We are a website design and IT company who specializes in the Adult Industry workers, not a mega model company. We are here to set you on the right road to becoming a successful independent adult entertainer with your very own website, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without having to give away the farm.

Build Your Brand Name

We will help you to come up with a unique, effective and easy to remember .COM domain name (a.k.a.: your site name/url) and will assist you with registering it under your name. This will create your own brand that you can use for as long as you like. Again this is your name, your business and we do not cash in on what you build up for yourself.

You Are The Boss

Own all the content you produce. No one sets the rules on your site and no one can ban or suspend your account. You are the owner and you can do whatever you like.

Very Customizable Design

Your site should be as unique and special as you are. The site is very customizable. We’ll be able to change background color, header image, fonts, font colors, etc according to your preferences. We can make it suit your tastes and represent your style!

Get Traffic to Your Site Directly From Google

By spending just 2-3 hours a week posting short blog posts to your site, you’ll start getting traffic directly from Google and other search engines. Many of these visitors may have had no experience dealing with live web models before, so it will be much easier to sell them your cam shows and other content… and turn them into regulars. Once you have them at your site you no longer have to compete with dozens of other webcam models, but are assured that you are the focus of their attention from the start.

Stay In Touch With All Your Fans

Have multiple subscription options for your fans to get updated about the new content you post. This includes subscription via email and RSS feeds. You will also have your Twitter and Facebook accounts connected to your site so that, every time you post a new update, an automatic status message will be posted to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. How exciting to watch as your fan base grows and be able to keep in touch with them in an easy and fun way.

We understand your privacy concerns. Easily Block Certain Countries And Regions From Accessing Your Site

You will be able to block specific countries or IP ranges so that those people you may know in real life won’t be able to access your site. This could save some folks from seriously awkward holiday dinner conversations! Privacy is King and we make sure you keep your “Castle” free of unwanted visitors.

Track Your Site’s Performance

We integrate your new site with Google Analytics, which will allow you to track how many people visited your site, how long they stayed there, what search terms they used to find your site in Google and much more. Having this information will allow you to work your content and marketing to it’s full-potential… which, or course, means more money in your pocket. Once again you will have all the knowledge that you usually never receive at hand to help you grow your business into something you can be happy with and proud of.


Concentrate on what you do best instead of having to learn everything about webdesign, technical maintenance, and other things which are usually handled by big companies.

  • Never deal with any “technical difficulties”. We guarantee 24/7 “up-time”.
  • We provide fast and reliable hosting. Know your website will be available when your members want it. Or you can choose the hosting on your own but we won’t recommend that if you don’t know what you’re doing
  • Your site is always up to date. It isn’t your job to learn about how WordPress works. We keep everything up to date, and make sure things never break

Not sure what you are exactly looking for? Still have some questions I didn’t answer? Don’t be shy asking. I offer a 30 min. introductory Skype consultation during which I will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

Don’t take it from me so. Listen to some of the Ladies who took the step into becoming their own boss with our help! These are not “paid to advertise actresses” but independent webcam models whom we had the pleasure of creating their independent webcam model website for.


30 days money back guarantee
  • The current promotional price of $499 is a minimum one time investment you need to make to start your own website business. This is a one time fee, not a recurring monthly fee!
  • We provide 30 day money back guarantee with the service
  • Other similar sites are priced $600 and more
  • As a web site owner you’re responsible for the domain name ($19 a year) and hosting ($9 a month). No other hidden fees. What other business is it so cheap to run?

Still not sure or have some questions? Make sure you check our FAQ section. Or you can contact us here and we’ll respond within 24 hours.