Accepting Payments For Cam Shows With Zombaio

by Alex Shwarz on October 15, 2009 · 0 comments

accepting-payments-zombaioWhen it comes to deciding on processing clients credit cards, you can choose between opening your own merchant account or using a third party processor. With merchant accounts, you need to do your own fraud detection, but a third party processor, like Zombaio, will run it all for you, taking an often confusing part of getting your clients’ payments off your hands. This is generally the preferred method among webcam models’ services and pay sites that charge credit cards.

Zombaio is very easy to use and setting up your site with this service will have you able to accept payments within one business day. One of the many convenient aspects of Zombaio includes not needing a business license to purchase their service if you are independent (working for and by yourself). You can simply register your Social Security number and things will get underway.

Once you’ve signed on, you will be required to give them access to your site so they can confirm it provides a members’ area (for your paying clients) as well as an outside page or site (such as a tour or bio page) and you will also need to have an 18 U.S.C Section 2257 compliance notice on your site. In completion of these two fast steps, you can set up either non-recurring buttons or a virtual wallet (for revolving credits for your clients). The non-recurring payment option is much easier to set up than the virtual wallet and is recommended if you don’t have a lot of experience with the technical side of sites or don’t have a friend to help you set it up. If you know how to edit html, this will come in handy as you will be given a code to paste onto your signup page that will show the signup form and button options for your clients to click to make their secured payments.

You can opt in to receive confirmation emails for each payment made by your clients. The emails will include the username and email address of each client so that you can identify instantaneous payments (for webcam shows, etc) and identify their user account if they’d paid in advance for a cam show. This adds to the convenience of using a third party processor such as Zombaio, however it’s a good idea to contact your client before the show if he’s planning on paying in advance to ensure the type of show and time is comfortable and convenient for both of you.

Overall Zombaio is great to use if you’re hoping to have your webcam business working for you without going through a webcam hosting company and without having to deal with a less automatic merchant account. You also get full payments from all of your clients’ cam shows and only need to deal with the low percentage overheads rather than working at a lower rate overall and letting the company you work for make a profit on top of your own earnings.

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