Every Web Cam Model Should Use Twitter

by Alex Shwarz on March 3, 2009 · 0 comments

If you don’t know what Twitter is, it’s a social network which is growing in popularity real crazy! It has a couple of millions members already and this number grows every day. Every web cam model should leverage Twitter to get more “fresh” visitors to her site.

Here is how Twitter can work for you. First you need to create an account. Then three things you should do:

  1. Put your picture in profile. Note that your picture will look really small to other members so you should use the picture of your face preferably
  2. Put the address of your blog or site in profile. If you don’t have your own site yet it’s not a problem. You can put the address of your profile page on web cam site you are working on. If you want to increase your profit by 20% or so you should use an affiliate code in profile address as I described in this article
  3. Put short info about yourself mentioning that you are web cam girl

Then just start posting your updates. One of the key differences between Twitter and other social networks is that the length of update can not be more than 140 letters. This is very cool feature because it’s not taking long to write an update and it’s not taking long to read it. Also many people are using cell phones to read/write twitter updates. That’s why Twitter is so popular.

So you can post 4-5 updates a day, it won’t take long. Just write what you are doing at the moment. Try to use words that would attract “hungry” guys who use Twitter. For example you could write that you are about to start live sex show. And from the other end a guy makes a search for the phrase “live sex”. This is how he finds you. He reads your profile, gets interested and decide to follow you in Twitter. The following on Twitter means that every time you post an update (< 140 letters) you followers are going to see it. So next time you write about your show he’ll know about this.

The goal is to get as many followers as you can. Some webcam models that I know on Twitter have 3-4 thousand followers. Every time they post something 3-4 thousand people see it right away! It will take time to build this many followers but once you’ve got there you would become a super star!

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