Hosting Your Webcam Shows Through IMs

by Alex Shwarz on June 30, 2009 · 0 comments

Using adult cam sites to host your webcam shows can be convenient, but there is another avenue. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing this for a while, one of the first steps you should take in getting ahead financially with your webcam business is looking at reducing the expenses. One such avenue is performing your shows via an instant messenger (a.k.a. “IM”) rather than through a host site or third party plugin.

Streaming your shows through an IM is free and also very easy to integrate into your site or blog. You would only need to create a separate page to list your IM handles (or usernames). If you do choose to use an IM to host your webcam shows, you should try to ask a few questions before you start showing any skin.

First off, ask him where he found you – you don’t want to accidentally forward him to the wrong adult cam sites if you’re signed with more than one. It will also help you know where to send him to pay for each session. Enquire as to what he wants to see you do BEFORE payment so you know you’re comfortable with his request. Also, try to avoid him asking “what would you do to me?” before you’ve received payment as many guys use your description to stimulate their masturbation and won’t go into private chat.

Unfortunately you can’t stop anyone from recording your shows however programs like Manycam can help you discourage them from recording the session – they allow you to put your site name over your video, watermarking it and making it less appealing to “resell”. Another way is using Splitcam, which can put his real email address or name over your image, again deterring him to record it (unless it’s for his own viewing later). Even if he does upload it onto a tube site or other site, if your domain/site name or username is on the video, you would have passively enhanced the awareness of your webcam business to more traffic (more surfers)!

Overall, using an IM to stream your cam shows is a great way to start out and get comfortable in front of the cam, as well as an easy, inexpensive way to stream shows independent to adult cam sites.

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