Pros and Cons Of Using Zombaio For Processing Cam Show Payments

by Alex Shwarz on November 15, 2009 · 7 comments

webcam_girl_moneyZombaio is a third party processing service that is easy to use for anyone hoping to branch out and work with their own webcam services or pay site. Just like most services in the adult industry, there are pros and cons that can determine if they are the right service or product for you.


  1. You don’t need a business license if you are an independent worker and will only be required to register your Social Insurance (or Social Security) number with Zombaio to get access to their service.
  2. Setting up the system can be quite easy when using the non-recurring payment structure, as you only need to copy and paste the html code into your signup page to get it started. Once your paperwork is in order, you can be set up and operational within one business day, meaning secured payments can start streaming through in next to no time (some third party processors can take up to several weeks before being fully useable)
  3. You can opt in for email notifications about payments made to you, supplying you with the username and email of your client, providing an easy and fast reference of payment confirmation at the beginning of each cam show
  4. Setting up the system where clients can purchase credits for webcam shows can be difficult and would require extra experience or assistance from a knowledgeable friend to set this up. Zombaio has a preset value for price per credit for clients use which is not changeable, however the preset value is reasonable so you can leave it as is if you want


  1. While Zombaio is overall relatively easy and fast to set up, there are aspects of it that may require a further technical knowledge including setting up your own website, understanding how to use FTP and editing html code. This can be hard to impossible for a model that doesn’t have any experience with these parts of an online business however there are usually techs available to assist with a lot of the set up if you need.
  2. Setting up a virtual wallet to enable revolving credit, which is ideal for webcam shows is much more difficult than sticking to the simple one time payment method (which lets your client send you money before the cam show) which can be useful but not quite as convenient
  3. If you don’t have much computer experience, it’s best to choose the non-recurring payment structure because it is very easy to set up, however this can cause some confusion between your client and yourself if he pays ahead of time or pays too much/too little for the session. It’s best to contact the client first and arrange a booked appointment time before he pays to save problems

As a whole, the service that Zombaio provides is much better than a lot of the other competitors out there and the only major problems you may find will depend on your level of experience with website building, html and technical set-up.

Have you had any experience with Zombaio? If so, please share.

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1 LorraineLIVE 02.01.10 at 11:20 pm

I have used Zombaio since about September 2008. At the time I saw only one other cam girl site using this. I decided to give it a try. I set my site up with a members area since this was the easiest and fastest way to get approved by Zombaio. I simply created a page for show purchases, which allows the customer to select a given price and receive only one day access (non-recurring). I also offer longer subscriptions on my regular member join page. Zombaio is the best solution I have found, especially for the excellent processing rates, no set up costs and good support. I have always been paid on scheduled, directly to my bank account.

I have set up other sites using this same structure. If any model needs help, I can provide advice on how to get set up!

2 Alex Shwarz 02.02.10 at 9:02 pm

Thanks for the info and willing to help

3 PhoneSexScript 12.28.13 at 9:17 am

I have used Zombaio since 2011… It was easy to get set up and is very innovative with its payout. I use my Redpass MasterCard for my payouts and have the Zombaio App on my Android G2x phone. They also allow you to accept payment for phone sex and webcam so that is a DEFINITE plus…

They also have low floor limits for those just getting started… I have my floor limit set at $100, then I load my Redpass MasterCard and go shopping. :-)

Not sure if other adult payment providers can do that….

4 Scott Luis 10.15.14 at 11:37 am

PLEASE do NOT sign up with Zombaio. These people are delusional. It is written all over google how bad they are. Just read the reviews. Ive been with them for 4 months and have not seen a payment yet. They are in financial trouble and will dodge bullets and avoid paying you at all cost!

5 Sébastien 03.22.15 at 6:45 am

Through friends, I got to talk to an Anonymous member who told me they were going to tell the world about Zombaio’s activities. At first, I thought they were just pissed about that company, the way we were treated, but then, I got shown proofs!

Zombaio is on Anonynous list for being a front, a facade for illicit gambling and child porn sites around the world, operating from Russia. They will be targeted by Anonymous in the #opdeatheaters offensive (against child exploitation).

I for one don’t even try to get my money back anymore, they are scum and I don’t want to have anything to do with them!

6 Cecilia Lang 05.20.15 at 9:09 pm

They pay on time every time, just make the minimum payout amount! Plus their fees are very low compared to other adult processors! Good luck!

7 cammicams 10.09.18 at 4:08 am

Zambaio is horrible and they have not paid me as promised. They have put me in a financial crisis and keep coming up with excuses of why accounting can not pay me in full. They owe me over $1800 and if they can’t pay me. They might not pay you!


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