The best site for beginner webcam model

by Alex Shwarz on February 10, 2009 · 22 comments

The first question that every beginner webcam model asks is what webcam site to start on. Some girls try as much as 8 sites before they find the one that brings them profit. The most appealing site for the beginners are Jasmin and Stream. You shouldn’t start with more than two sites because every site requires dedication.

For the novice webcam models free adult webcam sites (i.e. visitors are not required to register in order to chat with model live) are the best choice. Only there model can get good experience in a short period of time. Such sites as ImLive and Flirt4Free are dedicated to more professional models so starting on these sites is wasting of time. and are also good choices for the beginners. They are free sites with less traffic but the traffic has more quality. By working on these two beginner model can learn how to work on more than one site effectively.

If you are not that active the best choice would be offline site. Offline sites are those that require membership in order to chat with model live. ImLive is the good choice. Just make sure that your profile is looking really good. And don’t expect much proffit at the beginning. It’s more suitable as hobby than as a job.

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1 Filipina Cam Girl 02.01.10 at 9:47 am

I started out working for Asian Babe Cams, nearly all the traffic there was freebie fans, I went to LiveJasmin about 4 months ago, my profits have increased about 25% so Im still not making alot of cash, but its enough now to pay some bills I had stacking up

2 raven69skye 02.09.10 at 10:12 am

I definitely agree with beginners not wasting time on F4F. You will be very disappointed, as I was.

3 niki 02.10.10 at 9:10 am

i have tried alot of cam sites and i found this one was the most lucrative and a few of my friends use this site as well

4 niki 02.10.10 at 9:11 am

5 MARIA WILD 03.05.10 at 8:30 am


6 Chynababylala 07.08.10 at 12:34 pm

Actually is EASY for beginners it’s a great site. Only thing is don’t make the mistake of having your cam stream with other site info they’ll kick u off. Livejasmin is ok BUT takes forever to get registered, so much competition and if they choose the wrong cam feed for u it will look as if you didn’t do the show and they’ll doc it from your pay although it isn’t your fault. The best site for cam is

7 Jennifer 11.02.10 at 6:21 am

The best sites I have worked on are and
I would say is best for beginners, and Myfreecams is great for experienced models, and has a ton of traffic, and many ways to profit by tips, voyeurism, private shows, or true privates. I highly recommend both!

8 Jadaskyy 02.23.11 at 3:48 am

I think is the best! I got lucky and it was the first site i tried. No site is as open or give you an opportunity to make more money like MFC does. I am still a beginner to cam modeling (6 months) but thanks to MFC i am making money to pay may bills and I just moved out! I have tried other sites, naked, livejasmin…. but i dont like them as much, more free loaders and less paying customers. With MFC i get to run my room the way i want it and i can come up with new creative ways to make tips! If you want to be successful on MFC you must have personality! Because there are many girls on! Guys like tipping girls who are not just cute but who have a personality they can fall in love with also!

9 SexyJules 03.25.11 at 10:40 am

Personally I think flirt4free is way better than any of the others. I make a ton of money with them, they are super helpful, and the customers are way higher quality than any of the other sites I’ve worked, and I’ve been on a ton. Also, they’ve been around the longest, so you don’t have to worry about them running off with your money, especially since they’re based in the US unlike some of the sleazy newer sites like MFC. Just my 2 cents ;).

10 SexyJules 03.25.11 at 10:44 am

Oh and also – if you want to know more about flirt, their recruitment page is super helpful –

11 studly67 07.05.12 at 10:50 pm

I personally worked for f4f and am looking for a new one. The rooms are swamped and no one wants to pay. Plus the support seems great but they messed up with my payouts when i switched addresses and I never got my $500.00 check. I called and they verified they had the right address and then said if it got returned they would resend it. Well this happened 3 time before I gave up. The pay our isn’t terrible was averaging 2 bucks a min.

12 Nicolette88 09.14.12 at 6:57 am

I have worked for for a few months now. it is great for beginners and they have many sites that we get our customers from. has anyone worked for them and can give me more info if you have been with them for awhile

13 MCam 01.27.13 at 8:47 am

Try They pay $1 per minute, and since it is set up like Omegle/Chatroulette, connection to paying client is fast, anonymous, and constant.

14 bonora 01.01.14 at 5:55 am

Just wondering why MFC block the models from philippines until now?

15 mary kitty 02.24.14 at 7:01 pm

Has anyone had any luck on RKgirls? i just started on there but i don’t like that you cant change your profile when you want. like tags for them to look you up under. any changes need to be done by a help chat.

16 Rayanne 08.22.14 at 3:35 pm

I think if you weren’t doing well on Flirt4Free, you weren’t doing something right. I just signed up for flirt for free 8/15/2014 (9 days ago). I made $700 in 7 days. I am in the top 2% of models. My very first time EVER being on a webcam. I pulled $107 my first night and I was only on 5 hours. It’s all in how you treat your customers and what you’ll do to please them. :)

17 Jesicca 10.14.15 at 5:53 am

I am working since for 4 years for

I have tried all of the famous web sites before that and I think this is the best one. 8 from 10 members are paying members. Look for me for more info :)

18 sofie 12.23.15 at 8:34 am

I work only with this site.

it fit my needs they ‘r kindly and have good support wath i think is important.
they have good traffic and pay me always on time

19 AdamDevis 02.08.16 at 7:41 am

Today is gaining increasing popularity of the web model of the Internet. It is worth noting that now work vebmodelyu are not only representatives of the weaker sex and boys ( ) . There is a stereotype that the work model is almost the same prostitution. In fact, it is certainly not the case, it is important first of all communication that is what you get and the money, although sexual innuendo certainly is. In addition, not every girl or guy can run a web model, since in addition to the fact that this work is highly paid but it requires a very serious to be treated, since the appearance and ending with a moral resistance, as sometimes chat accounts with different people and not nice to meet you.

20 Camazee 04.05.16 at 4:28 am

Girls, I would recommend to register an account on Twitter, post some teasing pics and videos to grow up your own fan base. This way you can drive some extra traffic of fans when you get online and even earn extra referral cash.
Once you have 1000+ fans you can get online with a camazee and get higher payouts with your traffic.
Invest your time now for easier and more profitable future!

21 Alex 06.02.17 at 12:19 pm

I guess that there could have been some changes in working on cam girl websites during the last several years because I’ve seen many webcam models performing on several websites simultaneously. As far as I understand, they kill two birds with one stone by doing it.

22 NANCY 08.14.17 at 3:02 pm


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