How to Overcome Stagnation as a Webcam Model

by Mysteria on March 20, 2012 · 0 comments

No matter what industry you work in, sooner or later you are going to get the blahs and stagnation has set in. Being a webcam model is no different. As normal and understandable as it may be it can mean a death stroke for your business if you don’t take actions to overcome it quickly and breathe new life back into your-self and your shows.

As a webcam model you have one of the few careers in which reinvention can be not only fun but very profitable. Think through the mind of a man for a second. Men love variety, which is why they come to see you to begin with. Of course you do have certain men who enjoy a specific personality type or a general look. Most of the time those are your regulars who keep coming back to you since they find you delightful.

With that stated you already have the one and only main rule you need to keep in mind when thinking about reinventing yourself a little. Don’t change your core personality into the complete opposite of what are up to this point.

Here are a few quick ideas of how you can overcome not only your shows but your own stagnation as a webcam model.

1. Change locations!

A change of your webcam studio if you are an independent webcam model can bring a new background look, a new coat of paint and often a new personality just waiting to emerge. Being an independent webcam model really has a huge benefit here since you are not tied down (sorry no pun intended) to just one location. One of the craziest changes I personally ever made was taking my studio from my office to the kitchen. No matter what sort of webcam shows you put on there is a lot of nasty, naughty fun that can be done in a kitchen. It breaks up the humdrums and you once again feel yourself challenged to incorporate some of the “new” props sitting around. Aside from that you just gave the boys somewhere else to picture you in their favorite fantasy. Here you can include some of the little less done fetishes into your webcam shows. Apron fetish, Domestic Goddess, over the counter sex, pinup style, 50’s housewife, naughty housewife… you get my point!

2. Change your appearance!

Nothing like a trip to the hair and nail salon to pep us gals’ right up and webcam models are no different. Why not change your hair color and style a little bit and get your nails done nice and long with some fun designs. If you don’t want to take the risk of changing your hair color, invest in some fun wigs. Remember that a lot of guys do associate different appearances with different personality and this always works amazingly well when you want to adopt a slightly altered persona for your webcam shows. Why not be a blond sex kitten for a day, a dark haired vamp who is out to drain you dry, a red headed sexpot, or an intellectual but hot brunette teacher or boss. If your clients take to it you can always keep the persona and develop it a little further as you go along. If not you had a day of playing dress up and that does all of us a little bit of good. Personally I would announce a once a month “out of my character play day” in which you can allow your paying clients to vote on their favorite play day character! It breaks the monogamy of your webcam shows up, allows you the webcam model to have fun and gives your clients something exciting to look forward to. “What will my favorite webcam model come up with next?”

3. Adopt a new fetish interest!

With so many fetishes out there it isn’t that difficult to find a new fetish interest you can sink your teeth into. There is nothing like learning something new to overcome the blahs. Remember fetishes are fun because they are so personalized. Even within the same fetish you will have a lot of different variants. Of course enlisting the help your webcam customers is always a bonus. Most men love to teach us women something new! As an independent webcam model you only have the rules you set for yourself, which means your playground is a lot less restricted as long as you stay within the laws.

4. Partner up!

If you are an independent webcam model and you have a couple of friends near by in the industry offering a double team session can be a great way to break stagnation in your webcam shows. Not only are those great for the guys who always fantasize about girl on girl actions, or imagine they could be the star in a threesome, but it gives you someone else to play off of. It can be great in different fetishes as well. Think feet fights, shotgun smoking, wet and messy, etc. There are many different things you can do by yourself, but the options always open up wider when you have a partner you can play with.

If all else fails perhaps it is time for you to take a short hiatus. Sometimes we burn out so much that we just can’t stand the thought of turning our webcam on any longer. It never helps when you force yourself to do webcam shows during those times. Take a week or two off if you can afford it and just do things which are completely webcam model business unrelated. If you do a lot of dildo shows, pack the dildos away for that time. The point is that you can get yourself back to the point where it becomes fun again.

Stagnation happens when the fun has been taken out of your webcam model business. Sometimes all it takes is a little switch up as I demonstrated above to make you feel more playful again. Once fun returns stagnation departs!

Now why are you still sitting here – its playtime!

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