Stalker Tips for Cam Girls

by Alex Shwarz on February 8, 2011 · 11 comments

This funny post was written by web cam model Solar. She explains how you can stalker a guy you met on a cam site (if you need to :) )

Every camsite has “no personal contact” thing in its rules. It’s not because they are so evil and don’t allow poor camgirls share contact info with their favorite members. It’s for your own safe, girls. But, well, rules are made up to break them! For example, you are single and suddenly you meet online a cute guy who claims himself single as well. You like each other and make plans to meet in real, but still you have a slight feeling – what if he is not what I think..? Calm down, girls, no need to waste you nerves guessing. I will tell you how to stalk members! 😉

First of all you need to find out your honey’s last name. Do it carefully- tell him something like this: ” What is your last name, my love? I wanna know if it fits well with my first name..hehee!” No man can resist it lol. But you must look the most innocent saying that so your prey doesn’t figure the terrible truth! Now you know his last name and first name of course, also you will need state he lives in. Ok now all you need is to go to enter his full name and state and VOILA! Now you know his home address, landline number and people he lives with! Note: members are also not idiots, so do not share your last name with them, or else you are risking to run into a maniac and a stalker!

Ok, so now you know home addy and that he isn’t married but still have no idea about his personal life, what if he has a girlfriend!? Not a problem, girls! There are social networks for finding that out! I suppose you already know his email and full name. Put them into search box of every social network site! Sooner or later you will track his ass down. If your love’s name is John Doe, but he might have registered under some J.D. MonsterCock on Facebook for example, make a next search by his email.

So you found him. Now you can make conclusions and see how he acts out of chat with you. What if you found out he had a girlfriend but was claiming himself single in chats with you? No need to arrange a scandal to him, just revenge him in an elegant manner! You already know the home addy where he lives with his not knowing anything girlfriend, right? Now it’s time to go to and order him a blown up doll, a buttplug, advanced gay sex toys kit, giant rubber fist or anything else that comes up to your mind! Use imagination, girls! Do not forget to register account under his name so that his girlfriend can see his name on a package with giant rubber fist and can make correct conclusions about his real orientation!

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1 krystal 02.14.11 at 3:37 pm

Wow, this is something that should definitely NOT be recommended for cam girls! Really?? starting a relationship with some guy that logged on just to see you naked? I have to say, have a little bit more dignity. I feel like I speak for most cam girls when I say “I am not looking for a boyfriend when I get online!”

Plus, most guys are going to lie to you, just think about the situation you two are in. I definitely don’t give my real info out to guys, and they probably aren’t going to give you their’s either! The whole world of cam girls exists because guys don’t like they’re real life. They may want to be someone else, want an escape from their real life, or they’re having problems at home! Several guys like roleplay, and pretending like they’re not actually themselves! So how in the hell are you supposed to believe what they say? If someone is logging on to a porn site in order to meet a potential girlfriend they probably have a lot more problems then you want to deal with. That’s what dating sites are for.

Plus it’s completely unprofessional to ask for a guys last name, look up all sorts of different information on him and become his “stalker”. You should take a little more time to think of this as your job and stop being so desperate to find a guy. Not only is this possibly the most unsafe way to meet a guys, but it’s completely unprofessional and gives a really bad name to all cam girls.

But after everything, to each their own. If you want to risk your safety by meeting up with some random guy who paid to see you naked, that’s your own prerogative. But this is not advise that should be given to other cam girls, especially since the majority of girls who are going to be reading this are NEW to camming and still really have no idea what guys can actually be like.

2 Solar 02.14.11 at 10:59 pm

LOL! Thank you, Krystal, I appreciate your concern, but This post was written for cam girls who do have a sense of humor and totally realize what members can be like. “You should take a little more time to think of this as your job and stop being so desperate to find a guy. ” LOL@This! Krystal, take my advice – stop judging people you don’t know at all. I am not desperate to find a guy online, I already have one, but I am not gonna explain myself for someone like you, who think members are just some kind of sourse of income only. They are also people and if you start treating them like people not like useless credit cards attachments, then maybe your work will go better 😉

3 John Barnes 02.15.11 at 3:48 am

hahaha! Very funny post! Wish all cam girls had such a sense of humor. And as for krystal’s comment ..pardon me but it sounded like a fart in a fresh room.
Haters are always hilarious in their attempts. Anyways, would like to see more posts like this.

4 Graham 02.15.11 at 4:35 pm

I have to agree with you there John! How could any reasonable person fail to see the satire intended in the original post. I can see why Krystal has obvious problems with guys who enter her room if she fails to see the funny side of anything. Maybe if she had a sense of humour she could get a returning member whom she could develop a rapport with, and have someone to laugh with when the real assholes on the site end up in your room.

And I thought cam girls were supposed to be amateurs! When you show a member its all about the money in your room girls you are guaranteed to fail and be treated with a great deal of indifference or hostility.

5 CeeCee 02.19.11 at 10:07 am

I honestly did not find it funny and to naive cam girls just starting out they might think it is fine to befriend a customer like this, they may actually take it serious.

I totally agree with Krystal.

6 Solar 02.19.11 at 8:03 pm

If a girl is naive and do not realize where she is signing up and what to expect from it then I suppose this job is not for her. I am for 2 years in camming so I am pretty sure I do have a right of giving advices more than others. Treating customers as friends (realizing that you will never meet them in person) is the best way to get good regulars. As for a sense of humor.. It is A MUST for a cam girl, otherwise you won’t be able to last for long dealing with fetishes, various role plays and other things that you definitely don’meet in real life.

7 Dee 02.21.11 at 6:37 am

Sounds more like blackmail fetish to me :) Too bad all FBI agents weren’t as hot as the picture attached. I’d break the law just to have her at my door!

8 Stacey 02.26.11 at 11:48 am

Well I find the post funny and I see the sense of humor in it. I do believe that it should not be here because it could be very dangerous to new girls come up to this industry that do not know all the game guys try to play… Men will say anything to try to a free show or to know you personally.

I have guys some in my room and be all nice to me to they take me pvt then they start to make fun of me because they don’t like how I am saying hot and sexy thing to get me off…. so I stop and I just start to talk to him . He start saying about how I should go back to school and I could do so much better….so I nice tell him that I am happy doing what I am and that I don’t need to be saved….. He gets mad and leaves my pvt…. then he come back in my room and demand the I type to him just so he feel like I am giving him special attention. This whole time he can hear… He finally leaves after I say something about him to my in room……. Now this guys he might sound like total asshole here but trust me he way very nice and sweat. All he wanted to was talk to me in my pvt….many many girls would love this and be more then happy to form bond with him. But as my stories show is danger because he want to bring you down and save you…all under the guise of just friendship.

Do you think it would be safe to meet this guy?

This is a site that promotes camming it should not be telling how you can find people real identity . Not all cam girls know not to use there personal email when joining site…..

9 Alex Shwarz 03.01.11 at 10:10 pm

Hey guys, sorry but some of the comments went into spam and I haven’t noticed them. Just approved all the comments I found. Thanks to Dynamite Dee for pointing this out

10 Solar 03.08.11 at 2:00 am

Ahhh! Alex! I was wondering why none of my comments was I know why lol And things I wrote about in my post (as Dee noticed) could also be used as blackmailing fetish and roleplays. I have such a regular whom I blackmail as if Im gonna tell his gf about our time online, letting him know I know his real addy, phone number etc. It gives him extra vibes 😛

11 misscamgirl 05.04.13 at 11:59 pm

Just wanna say something – DO NOT share any of your info with anybody! I did it with the nicest member ever, gave him my skype, I just wanted to chat sometimes out of site, nothing else, and he turned out to be opsessed with me, pathologically in love and he just won’t let it go!

Remeber, just don’t do it! Don’t risk anything. Never! The nicest ones might me the most opsessed ones.

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