How to Promote Webcam Shows on Twitter – 6 Simple Steps

by Alex Shwarz on February 18, 2010 · 4 comments

Twitter could be a powerful tool for building a great fan base that is easy to convert into paying customers. You can get thousands of loyal fans that will pay for your shows, buy gifts from your wish lists, buy your autographed posters and many more. But how can you get thousands of followers on Twitter? I’m going to show you a little spammy but proven way of getting targeted followers.

1. Create Twitter Account (if you don’t have one)

If you don’t have Twitter account do it now. For the Twitter’s user name try to use your nickname from cam network or your website/blog name if you have one. Write some teasing introduction in your profile description and definitely upload a nice teasing picture (non-nude one). Make sure that it looks nice when it’s reduced to 48 X 48 pixels in size. For the best results use the close up of your face (the whole body won’t fit into 48 X 48 nicely).

2. Tweet Regularly on Twitter

As soon as you open Twitter account you should start twitting regularly so that your Twitter account looks alive. Try to send minimum 5-7 teasing twits a day with at least one teasing picture. Since the length of the twit is 140 characters max the total time you spend for all this is no more than 20 mins a day. Many cam girls are so addictive to Twitter that they can’t live without it and communicate with their fans all day long. Once your fan base starts growing on Twitter you can start promoting your cam shows and wish lists through your twits.

3. Think About Who Is Your Ideal Customer

You must already have some following if you work on cam network. Just look who is the most paying one in terms of age, work place, ethnicity, etc. If you don’t have any fan base yes just use your intuition. You need to visualize your ideal customer

4. Use Twitter Search To Find Your Ideal Customer Profile

Now you need to use the power of Twitter search. For example if you picture that your ideal customer is  a 40-45 years old man working in financial field, search for some financial terms and find tweets that contain these terms. Then look up the profile of the tweet’s author and at his profile picture (most of the guys put their face as profile picture). Also, look up how many followers this guy has. He should have at least 15-20K followers. So just find at least one guy who qualifies for your ideal customer profile. Or you can find top financial guys on Twitter through Google search.

5. Look Up Followers of the Chosen Profile And Start Following Some of Them Who Qualify

The reason this people following a guy you found in step 3 is because they are interested in what he’s twitting. So they should also qualify for you ideal customer to some extend. So just start looking through the long list of followers this guy has paying attention only to profile pictures to make sure that this is a male and of the similar age. You can easily look through 40 followers a minute and pick the ones that qualify.

And here is what happens for the other end. The guy who you picked to follow receives and email notifying him that he’s got a new follower. In this email he sees your profile picture and probably gets intrigued. He checks your profile, your recent twits and there is a good chance that he will follow you back.

6. Periodically Unfollow Those Who Don’t Follow You Back

Not every one who you follow will follow you back so you may end up following for example 800 people and only 500 people follow you back. Twitter profiles with such difference between number of followees and followers look spammy, so you need to unfollow those who don’t follow you back. It would be very time consuming and annoying to do this manually but luckily there are many free tools online that will make this process easy. One of such tools is Friend or Follow.


As you can see it’s not that hard to build a loyal fan base on Twitter. Just make sure that the content you share through your twits is not hardcore otherwise your account can be suspended and you’ll lose all your followers.

If you are new to Twitter and have questions please ask in comments section. Also it would be nice to hear some success stories how Twitters helps in your webcam modeling business.

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1 Katarin Rose 02.24.10 at 9:39 am

How can i send twit with picture like u describe on step ?

2 Alex Shwarz 02.25.10 at 10:12 pm

Use TwitPic for this. This site allows you to share pictures on Twitter. Many mobile apps are integrated with TwitPic so that you can take a picture on your cell phone and send it to Twitter

3 Brooke 05.04.10 at 4:57 am

Thanks for the link to friend ir follow.
this is a really useful tool

4 carol 04.18.15 at 9:45 pm

I am new at webcamming….I have never been on twitter & not computer savvy…could someone explain how this twitter thing works ….how to navigate on the site… to tweet….& anything else…..thanks bunches ladies….hope to chat soon…

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