Getting Paid As an Independent Webcam Model

by Alex Shwarz on June 4, 2009 · 1 comment

If you’re just starting as a webcam model and don’t want to proceed with a cam host (e.g. imlive, livejasmin etc) or you want break away and run your own cam site, you will need a method to collect commission from your members. The easiest way to get an income as a webcam model without a host is by subscribing to a payment processor.

Cam Girl Payment Processor

Keeping in mind it may take up to two weeks to get approval from a processor, you will need to check if your chosen processor permits adult sites to be processed. Having a payment processor (as opposed to running through paypal, epassporte or other monetary account sites) integrates a payment gateway into your site making it easier for the surfer to give payment and organizes your earnings into a single check per pay period rather than have it spread over different sources.

The most popular adult payment processor available at the moment is Epoch. Not only is Epoch a reliable payment processor but it also offers an email collection option, allowing interested surfers to receive email specials and announcements from you. Epoch gained their popularity from not only what they offer their clients but also the lack of quality competition. CCBill, for example, is often complained about by models that use it.

In the end, it is your choice which processor you choose and shopping around to find the one that gives you what you’re looking for is a good way to start.

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1 Jasmine 06.26.09 at 1:52 am

I would kindly recommend Zombaio. Zombaio is ADULT designated payment processor. The entire sign-up process to the moment you start billing your customers on your site takes from 2 hours to no longer than 2 days. Is very easy to sign-up, not a bunch of documents needed. They offer the best deal of only 4.9% fee!! Plus they are very reliable, there are no holding back fees like CCbill. You receive your first payment after 14 days and after that you can receive it DAILY, minimum amount is $100.

There’s NO BETTER adult payment processor than Zombaio at this moment!!
You will be able to accept all types of credit card with no additional fees! And the cost for getting your money are : $10 for Wire and $30 for checks. You can also bill for Mobile content. Click here for more info about Zombaio payment processor!

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