Why webcam model should have her blog on the same domain as her membership site

by Alex Shwarz on March 1, 2009 · 0 comments

Many independent cam models have their membership site on one domain for example www.DianaOnCam.com and their blog on some other domain for example DianaOnCam.thumblogger.com . Although it’s great that you have them both you should have them under one domain. In our example if your membership site is www.DianaOnCam.com the address of your blog should be www.DianaOnCam.com/blog. Here is why.

Most likely the reason you have your blog is to attract new members to your membership site. So somewhere in your blog’s articles you mention about your membership site hoping that reader will check it out, like a tour and become a member. And for some readers it is going to work. Most likely those who constantly read your blog posts are already the members of your membership site.

But not all visitors who come to your blog are regular readers of it. Many of them get through search engines like Google by typing some key words (for example massive firm boobs). Then they see your blog post in search results and get to your blog post page that contains these key words. If they found what they were looking for they become interested in a web site where they found this.

So let’s assume your blog is on free adult blog host like Thumblogger. So address of your blog would be something like DianaOnCam.thumblogger.com. If reader gets to your blog through search engine and becomes interested in your content the next thing he will do is checking out the home page. So, he will just remove the first part of the blog address which is in our example DianaOnCam and will get to the home page of Thumblogger which is not what you want. That’s how many people do these days. If on the other end you have your blog under your membership site domain (for example www.DianaOnCam.com/blog) visitor will get right to the home page of your membership site after removing /blog part.

This is only one example of how you can get additional visitors to your membership site. Another big advantage of having your blog and membership site under the same domain is increasing your ranking in search engines for the key words that are relevant to your online business. All posts that you write contain some key words that repeat over and over again. Next time when somebody searches for these keywords your site may come up on the first page of Google. This will bring tones of traffic to your membership site.

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