Setting Up Effective Ad Placement On Your Site

by Alex Shwarz on April 30, 2009 · 0 comments

These tips can be applied to most sites including your home page, website tour and membership site.

Eye tracking tests have shown that the vast majority of people will concentrate on the top left hand corner of a website page for information (red spot on the picture below).

Test it yourself – you read left to right so it is only instinctive to start from the top left to see what a site offers. With this kind of information in your hands, you can determine where to put the important information, including the most attractive aspects of your site – what you really want your members or surfers to pay attention to.

First impressions are the most important so ensure your site looks the most alluring from the top left of the page and out.

Think about what information or titillating aspects of your site you want to offer the surfer. Some examples may include: your unique interaction with them; private shows included in membership; special ‘limited time’ access price; live cam shows several times a week; or just something about you that makes YOU unique to other webcam models.

Anything you particularly would like the surfer or member to see, mention it above the first fold (the page area you see on your screen before you scroll down). Most people will scan this initial area of the page to see what catches their eye (and if nothing does, they may leave), so keep this in mind when you’re designing.

Place some clickable links on the bottom right hand side of the page as well, possibly with rollover colors or gifs (like the text changes to red from white when the cursor scrolls over). Most right hand mouse users will unconsciously leave their cursor there. This is another way you can get their attention.

Don’t underestimate all these little things. They add up very quickly. Any of them may become the key factor that makes visitor leave.

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