My New Service For Cam Girls!

by Alex Shwarz on May 20, 2010 · 1 comment

Today I’m officially launching my new service for cam girls. It is focused on helping cam girls to become independent by running their very own web site. This is a big news for my site because now I can actually help cam models to become independent rather than just write articles with the useful info. You can read the most detailed description of my service here or you can use “Get Your Own Site Now” menu button above.

Since the first day when I started my blog (back in February, 2009) I was constantly pitching the idea of becoming independent by running your own web site. I was showing how much opportunity you have when you build your own fan base through your site in parallel to working on cam networks. And I started getting a lot of questions from cam girls who were thinking about becoming independent but didn’t know what to start from.

This is when I first got the idea about creating this service. But I knew that I can’t start it without actually trying the whole process with real cam girls. So I started running free promotions where I promised to build web site for cam girls for FREE. I’ve got a lot of responses without even promoting this offer. I picked a couple of interested cam girls and started working with them. Although I know pretty good how to setup websites I had to learn how to make it the most effective for cam girls needs.

It’s not that hard to set up website yourself. But you should do a pretty good research on what are the right tools and what are the cheapest options.  Plus there are always some quite technical stuff that would take a lot of time to figure out.   That’s why it was clear for me that the whole process of setting up the web site should be my responsibility. Although there are things that cam girls should decide themselves like domain name, site design, etc. So I decided to make the process of setting up the web site to be ongoing communication via email where cam girl make the decisions she is supposed to make and I do all technical work. So you won’t need to dive deep into FTP, HTML, CSS, PHP and other stuff you don’t want to know.

Once site is set up cam girl has ready to use web site but she doesn’t know how to manage it properly. So this has become the 2nd part of my service: to explain how to write posts, include pictures and video in these posts, create photo gallery, manage sidebar. For many topics I’ve found great videos on YouTube that actually show how to do stuff. Also I’m planning to create my own video lessons in the near future.

So as of today my service has officially started. You can read the more details here. I’m selling it for just $69 for now. Most likely I will increase the price later on. So if you are interested go ahead and buy it now.

Ccontact me if you have any questions or just ask in the comment section below.

Now it’s time to go and get some drink! LOL

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1 Brooke 05.23.10 at 12:29 pm

Alex is amazing at what he does – I think he should charge way more !

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