How the Economic Crisis Affects Webcam Models

by Alex Shwarz on April 9, 2009 · 0 comments

economic_crisis_camgirlThe world financial crisis affects all of us, especially the adult entertainment industry. Unfortunately most webcam models are performing almost double the hours to pull in the same amount of money they would have been getting before the crisis model.

As an example, a web cam girl at LiveJasmin made $3-4 a minute before the crisis. Now she works for $1.99 but with a lot less clientele coming through to get the hours up. This isn’t just because of people tightening their belts. Some members search and find models who get naked during free chat, hoping the tease will get them a paid private show. Unfortunately many people find a live naked girl is… “satisfying” enough.

Some members also think outside the box, research commission you’re getting and offer to pay you directly an amount slightly higher than the commission you make with your host (which ends up less than they would pay through the host) to watch you perform on Skype, MSN and other video IMs. This will get you more money, but check your host’s ToS allows or you may find you have no clientele source if they axe you (one of the reasons having your own site’s better).

Remember to keep thinking positively, perfect your skills, work on regular clientele because they’ll always return and if you have your own personal webcam site, reassure your members you’re one of a kind (maybe have several shows a week instead of a couple or one)! The economic recession isn’t normalized yet so think about using this time constructively – maybe build your own independent webcam modeling business! The webcam world is massive and there’s potential to do almost anything you want. The opportunities are endless!

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