How We Can Help UndressJess

by Alex Shwarz on October 21, 2009 · 18 comments

help-undressjessI was shocked with the news about UndressJess’s stroke. I’m following her on Twitter, had some communication with her before, so I feel like I know her close. And now such a bad news :(

I was thinking about how we can help her as community. I’ve already seen two great posts with support from Trixie and Bella Bellini . They provided some options to support Jess by purchasing her products. These options are good for her fans but we should support her directly with money. She must be facing big medical expenses now and won’t be able to get to work for a while. So money is the only thing she really needs right now.

The easiest way to donate money to her is through PayPal. Most likely she has paypal account, we just need to know her paypal ID. If any of you can get in touch with Jess (I know Trixie did once) please ask her for paypal ID. We can then place “Donate” button on her site or I can create a simple site for this. domain is available.

Update: Trixie thinks that PayPal is not the best option since Jess is adult oriented model and PayPal is not adult friendly. I personally think that PayPal is Ok, since we donate not for adult oriented service but to help her out with health probles . DiamondJames suggested to tip Jess through her rude profile. I’ve tried to do this but found the whole process very confusing. You need to register in order to be able to tip. And after you register you have to buy chips (minimum $25) that you can use to tip her. It must be the  better option.

Update: In one of her last twits Jess shared her chipin profile info. It’s very easy to donate through it (I just did). Just go to her chipin profile and click “Chip In!” button at the top right. It eventually processes payments through PayPal, what I origianly suggested.

I hope that my post will result in fund raising for Jess. She is the one who’s suffering now so let’s help her out to ease this suffering. If you have other suggestions how we can help Jess please share in comments.

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1 Trixie 10.22.09 at 1:09 pm

I would hold off on suggesting paypal, and definitely not build a site without getting her permission to use her name. Paypal is not adult-friendly so posting someone’s paypal id is asking for the account to be shut down and money withheld, which wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors.

2 admin 10.22.09 at 1:53 pm

I see what you mean although in this case PayPal would be used not for adult related stuff. But if you think that there is a risk to use PayPal then let’s not use it. I saw a tweet from DiamondJames about tipping Jess through her rude profile. Looks like this is better option. I’m going to update my post tonight

3 biobabe 10.23.09 at 9:21 am

I know Jess has a donation thing on her Live Journal profile to raise money to go back to school. Maybe send donations to that and she can use it for medical bills instead? Her LJ is clubmix1996.

4 admin 10.23.09 at 9:59 am

Thanks for sharing, Biobabe! I’ll try to see if it works

5 Trixie 10.23.09 at 3:10 pm

Jess had a friend help her post on twitter today ( and they are helping her read comments, etc. made to her so I imagine it won’t be too long before she’s able to specify herself what the best way is to support her, whether it be via paypal, epassporte or some other method she chooses.

6 undressjessfraud 08.23.10 at 2:48 pm

She’s a liar. wants more money because nobody wants to pay for crap site. nobody would fuck that crossed eyed bitch in high-school and they certainly aren’t going to wank to her now.


7 fraud 03.23.11 at 12:54 pm

It’s awfully suspicious that a while after her “stroke”, she had another site up claiming her dog had swallowed a ball and needed $1,000 for an operation that next morning or he’d “died in two days” Very suspicious!

8 UndressJess 03.23.11 at 11:08 pm

You really think I lied about having a stroke? I couldn’t even read this entry after I had my stroke because you know I HAD TO RELEARN HOW TO READ.

If you knew anything about solo girl member sites you would know that I have more content than most any other girl on the market and I interact/perform for my fans more than anyone else in the porn industry. My members are very happy with their memberships.

I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about being cross eyed and I’m pretty sure you didn’t go to high school with me because if you did you would know I only had 1 boyfriend through the entire time I was in high school and I was obviously only fucking him.

I have a REAL job and I do extremely well in my business. This was posted to HELP with any doctors bills or any other expenses I may have had provided I wasn’t about to recuperate after the stroke because other than you people actually like and care for me.

You’re obviously an idiot and I have no idea why I’m wasting my time replying to this bullshit.

9 Yolanda 03.24.11 at 5:54 am

WOW…. I know this girl personally and she DID have a stroke, and still suffers side effects from it and has to take medication. Also, I know for a fact that her dog DID need life saving surgery, and I was looking at his surgery scar as I was petting him when I was over there last week. Her REAL JOB is what she does on the internet, and so is mine. Are we not aloud to ask for help in times of crisis? That’s complete bullshit. I was at a restaraunt the other day, and there were signs and a tin can sitting out by the register soliciting funds to help an employees of that particular restaraunt pay for her disabled child to go to Riley’s for a life saving surgery. Did anyone question her about it or start calling her names for needing help? Was her child faking it? HELL NO, and neither was Jess!

10 fraud 03.24.11 at 1:52 pm

If you do extremely well in your business, why didn’t you have the money to cover your pet’s surgery? It was a relatively small amount of money.

11 UndressJess 03.25.11 at 6:57 pm

Because I took off all summer from promoting the site or updating because of other factors that couldn’t be avoided and was running low on my savings and when does a $1500 to $2000 pet surgery become cheap? Again, why am I responding to you?

12 Yolanda 03.26.11 at 11:07 am

I guess whoever this idiot is has never had to deal with life emergencies, forgetting that you are like everyone else who has to pay bills, not to mention the fact that there is no health insurance in porn and that every medical expense is paid out of pocket. What a dumbass.

13 fraud 04.07.11 at 1:44 pm

She isn’t in porn, she’s just a cowy chick with a webcam not Jenna Jameson, but there are also elderly women who make money this way. So, she has a “stroke” that is so minor she is on youtube and out clubbing less than two weeks later with no visible effects from this stroke. I’m not doubting that she technically had a stroke, but if so it was a minor one.

She does so well financially that she has no money for an operation that cost $2,000.

She asks people online to pay for her education.

Her internet gets shut off regularly.

She has had her power in her house shut off for non-payment.

I’m sure she makes enough money to not have a regular job, and does even better at some points, but she is not a “porn star”. Any dumpy chick can go to Wal-Mart and get a webcam and do what she’s doing.

And Yolanda, you are a joke. Instead of answering the valid points, I made you resort to name calling, since you obviously don’t have a brain in your head. LOL

14 fraud 04.07.11 at 1:50 pm

I’m guessing if any of the real girls in porn who are pretty (unlike Jess) don’t have trouble charging $2,000 or have their power shut off for non-payment. Again, she’s a delusional dumpy chick with a webcam. I know a half a dozen girls who could make more money in a few days than she does in a month, so get off this “I’m a porn star” BS. That insults real industry professionals! You are no “star” pumpkin!

15 UndressJess 04.09.11 at 8:50 pm

You sure have followed me a long time and sure think you know a lot about me. I have had my electricity cut off for non-payment before about 4 years ago when I was having a hard time. But if you have followed me that long I’m sure you know all about that… Also no not any girl can do as well as I do in this industry. I do better than most and I have girls following me and asking for my help to get them started in the right direction daily. I also have a ton of girls that straight up copy off of me unsuccessfully.

I asked for people to pay for my beauty school sure. And they did pay for it until I had to quit during that time I was having a shitty time. So when I wanted to go back I put up a chip in to raise the money and then I had a stroke and I haven’t had a chance to even think about going back since then.

Also “clubbing”? I went to a bar two weeks after the stroke yes and had a beer which is all I was allowed to have on the blood thinners because it was Halloween and that’s my favorite day of the year.

My internet has never been “turned off”. My internet has had connection issues due to my ISP having “noise” or shit not hooked up correctly in my area. It’s been fixed now but thanks for being concerned/confused about that!

You honestly have no idea how much money I make and really it’s none of your business but I will say most girls that “cam” or have sites don’t do even as half as good as I do which is why you see so many girls come and go in this industry. It’s because they fail.

I’ve never said I was the most beautiful nor do I feel that’s the reason I am so well know and have so many fans. It’s because I’m smart, decent looking and I communicate with my fans more than anyone else trying to make a living like I do.

I don’t understand why you are so concerned at all but I will say that I still have extreme panic attacks from the fear that I will have another stroke and die this time. That is not fun. Also if you have wasted this much time following me around on the internet just to be a dick I can see you like my fans are obsessed with me. I understand cause I am pretty awesome but don’t be so fucked up as to seriously fucking accuse me of not having a near death experience or try to say I’m not successful in my career because I took off four months and didn’t promote my shit as hard and because of that had to spend my savings and had to ask my fans for help when Jeb nearly died. You can go fuck yourself.

16 Yolanda 04.10.11 at 5:51 am

WOW…. you really don’t know shit about me, so for you to say I don’t have a brain in my head? You are the one calling names, and I don’t work for you, sleep with you, and your not my mom somfuck you. I don’t know what your problem with Jess is, but no one is getting rich from webcamming. And yes, you are right, any “dumpy” chick can have a webcam from Walmart, which I’m sure is where you shop regularly, I don’t, but that is the beauty of it… That women of all types are found desirable by certain men that are willing to pay for their company. This whole argument of whether she had a stroke or if she really needs the money? It’s really just kind of pointless, because its obvious that you just do not like Jess, and that’s fine. By extension though, you have shit talked me and don’t even know me calling me dumb, which is funny considerring you are probably a high school (if not community college) drop out. I am very highly educated, but the economy sucks and I have a family, so I do this just kind of to help my family while I attend law school and also work part time as an associate instructor at a private university. I have to admity that I actually didn’t know Jess at the time of her stroke or shortly after, and I am going on what she has told me as well as some of our mutual firends. So, I don’t know if she was out clubbing or whatever. I know that neither one of us gets rich from this, I think it is mainly for fun for me but does help significantly with the bills. I never really have asked anyone on any of my sites for money outside of what I actually earn, but I have an amazon gift liust. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t think so. Obviously something bad has happened between the two of you, but to lash out at my because you are a whiney, crying, useless, pathetic, peice of shit douchebag is really just plain fucked up. Oh, and for your information fuckface???? Anytime someone has sex on cam, film, or photos for money… IT’S PORN cocksucker. And you didn’t “make” me resort to name calling, I do that all on my own. I enjoy it when it comes to shriveled ass dumb shit low rent rednecks like yourselve, LOL!!!!! I am not obligated to answer any “valid” points, especially since you didn’t have any to begin with.

17 Yolanda 04.10.11 at 5:54 am

And I am not spelling illiterately, I am just typing to fast, HUMANS ARENT POERFECT, and I’m sure Jenna jameson would really give you the time of day, LOL!!!!! Curious to know what you look like……

18 Yolanda 04.12.11 at 2:56 am

Bottom line… Jess is awesome and so am I and your just a useless, jealous, peice of shit fucktard, so go blow your brains out so we can both piss on your grave and have a full scale webcam rave to celebrate your demise, cocksucker! LOL!!!!!

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