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by Alex Shwarz on September 15, 2009 · 0 comments

One of the major benefits of running your own blog is that you can constantly stay in touch with your fans. Your potential clients can read your blog constantly without even visiting it. You may be wondering how they can do this. Well, there is a feature in every blog that you may not know about. It’s called RSS Feed.

In nova days many people subscribe to different blogs through rss feed to read articles from these blogs whenever they want. And they can read it from their iPhones and other smart phone devices. They don’t have to be in front of the computers.


Let me provide you with example how it works. A guy finds your blog through Google, likes your articles/pictures and subscribes to your blog’s RSS feed. Every blog has RSS feed and it’s usually marked by this icon-rss icon. This guy may be subscribed to 10 other blogs of different kinds and now he adds your blog to his list. The next day he may be sitting in a subway on the way to work and browsing through the list of new articles (on blogs he subscribed to) through RSS reader app on his iPhone. He notices that your blog’s got new article and views it right from his iPhone! And he’ll see your article the way it looks like in your blog along with all your pictures and even videos!

So if you are already running your blog make sure that you make it easy to subscribe to your RSS feed. Place RSS feed icon in prominent place so your visitors can easily see it and subscribe. If you don’t have blog yet, start it NOW!

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