How Cam Girls Can Get Links To Their Sites For FREE

by Alex Shwarz on July 8, 2010 · 14 comments

I’m getting a lot of questions from cam girls who just started their own website on how to get links to their site from other sites. Links to your site is one of the most important things if you want it to survive among thousands of other similar websites. Links will be constantly bringing you fresh traffic of fans that you can make money from by selling cam shows, picture sets, videos, used pants, etc. It’s not that hard to get links to your site and here I’m going to explain the FREE way of doing this. Also after reading this article you’ll be able to get text link pointing to your site – GUARANTEED!

But first a little bit of theory. There are two types of links – text and image. You need to hunt for the text links because they are very good for search engines like Google. When Google sees text link pointing to your site it starts showing your site in search results (when somebody types certain phrase in Google). This can bring you tones of FREE traffic.

The process of getting text links to your site is very easy. All you need to do is find other sites that somehow related to your site and exchange links with them. By exchanging links I mean when site that you found puts text link pointing to your site and your site has link to that site in return. It may sound all complicated so let me show you exactly step by step how to get text link to your site. It’s going to take you only few minutes

Go to . As you can see this website is related to webcam modeling – exactly what you need. It has reviews of some webcam sites and also features independent cam girls. If you scroll down a little you’ll see the section called “Freelance Webcam Sex Girls who run their own websites”:

As you can see this section has links to independent cam girls sites. At the bottom of this section you can see this message:

This means that the site owner offers you to exchange links. All you need to do is send him an email to specified email address where you should specify what text you want to use for the link (in most cases it could be your website name) and address of your website (URL). For example in this section you can see a link with the text “Cam Girl Nikki” that points to .

Note that this kind of sites like will ask you to put a link back to them. You can put this link in the sidebar or on special “Friends” page.


Getting links to your site is one of the most important factors that determines either your site will succeed or will be dead like many other sites in the Internet. So if you decided to run your own site make sure you constantly hunt for the links. There are tones of other sites like that offer link exchanges. Just make sure that the site you exchange links with is clean without crazy popups and some other “stinky” stuff.

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1 Minnie 07.19.10 at 6:04 am already spammed me with their website and I am not impressed with them at all. If they were anything of popular they wouldn’t need to contact people for business.

2 Alex Shwarz 07.20.10 at 7:01 pm

I don’t agree. Yes is not that popular but they are growing their site. That’s why they are looking for new sites to feature. Their site has page rank 2 which means that they get pretty solid search engine traffic. All new sites start with page rank 0 so it’s very important for them to get link from the web site with page rank 2. I know one model has recently exchanged links with them and now she’s getting very good traffic from their site.

3 camgirlnikki 07.20.10 at 8:20 pm

Well I have have to say about Andy and is I love you and your site for the traffic and business baby! I have him on every social page I have, and I have not had 1 spam sent by his site but he has sent me 100 hits in 2 days of being on his site and out of that 4 cam jobs directly from webcams411. Now how could anyone complain about that? Even if a little spam did come through which it didn’t but hey I could handle spam if business is also coming my way for free.I love my baby Alex at for all he has done for me he has answered at least over a 100 emails helping me go independent spent hrs with me on skype walking me through problems and I trust what ever he tells me to do so I owe him alot for sending me to Andy at webcams411. They just don’t throw you on their site he really promotes you and your site he made a wonderful banner for all his camgirls at what cost to me? nothing not a dime who else would do that? It’s a hard thing to go independent thank god there are sites like webcams411 where we camgirls can get the traffic help we need. Go to my site and see the link, all he asked for was a text link back I had a banner link made for him for all the traffic webcams411 has sent to me. I could go on and on but I copied my google analytics report 15% increase in traffic! 2 days from being on webcams411 that don’t lie I posted it below. I know 2 sites icammodel and webcams411 I wouldn’t even think of not using for help they both been very good to my cam site. Keep up the good work webcams411 you made me believe plus I can always use the business! Nikki

Visits % visits
(direct) ((none)) 224 36.42% (referral) 92 14.96% (referral) 56 9.11%
google (organic) 53 8.62% (referral) 26 4.23%

view full report
Keywords Visits % visits
camgirlnikki 25 32.05% 22 28.21%
cam girl nikki 9 11.54%
camgirl nikki 3 3.85%
nikki cam girl pensacola 2 2.56%

4 Andy 07.28.10 at 6:15 pm

First, I want to thank you all for the kind comments. I am happy that my site is providing good leads for the models who I promote. It makes it all worthwhile to hear that my traffic is converting.

As far as the spam comment is concerned, yes, I do promote my service to freelance webcam models – I do this via blogs, message boards, forums and direct emails. I am not trying to sell anything – I am simply promoting a free service to help others in the adult industry promote their sites and services.

Spam is about mass mailing to an un-targeted audience. I have never engaged in such tactics and never will. My messages are targeted specifically to webcam models who I feel can make use of some free promotion.

5 Alex Shwarz 07.28.10 at 6:52 pm

Agree with you Andy. You market yourself in legitimate way. Without this none site will survive.

6 Nekkid Videos - hottest naked cam girls 12.14.10 at 6:00 am

Spam is also about being unsolicited, another annoying aspect which I define spam are ignored unsubscribe requests or just fake unsubscribe instructions.

7 LorraineLIVE 01.20.11 at 7:37 am

I agree and I feel that it is important to find sites like webcams411 to be listed on. I also feel that many cam models do not take advantage of trading links. I have a friends page where I feature other independent cam models. My friends page is one of the more popular pages on my site after photos and shows. I’m not sure why other models do not take advantage of trading with others. If any independent cam models want to trade links with me, please visit my site friends page at Thanks!

8 Lindacam 03.01.11 at 4:15 pm

I cam across this blog by accident&all I can say is “ooh boy Im happy about that accident” LOL
I have spent some hours on/off reading with big interest here. I almost feel ungrateful when I ask if someone could give me some more advice of american (or other) sites to get yourself out. I live in sweden &at the moment I get really annoyed since I cant find any american/international camshow places… However I do believe I have a lot to learn (fantastic)

The bottomline is that I would like to say BIG thank you for writing all tips&tricks here, really, really appreciated

9 Alex Shwarz 03.01.11 at 8:57 pm

Oh, you are welcome! Thanks for the warm words!

10 hot webcam slut 08.03.11 at 4:12 pm

Exchanges are not that great, you should focus on 1 way backlinks, that has more power

11 Alex Shwarz 08.04.11 at 11:16 am

yeah, agree!

12 Jarrod 03.26.13 at 2:32 pm

I think models could ask reviewers to include them in their reviews. Or just simply write reviews of cam models themselves.

Review sites like this ( ) have a nice traffic, and review traffic converts well in general.

Link exchange or offering content in exchange of links can work.

13 sexy mystique 05.16.16 at 9:46 am

Great article 😉
I am wondering about the webcam 411. I do not see the section you are talking about. Maybe it has changed over the years but do you know if webcam411 still has the link exchange program.

14 Alex Shwarz 05.16.16 at 8:20 pm

Not sure. It was a while back. I would contact them directly and ask

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