Getting On Cam? Write a Message On Twitter!

by Alex Shwarz on March 5, 2009 · 0 comments

First of all if you haven’t created Twitter account yet go for it. My previous article explains why you really need it. Once you have your Twitter account it should be your habbit to post every time you get on cam. This will bring “fresh” traffic to your webcam room.

This works the best for cam sites that allow free chat like . You just need to get the URL to your room when you are available for the free chat. This is an example of such URL:

So once you become available for free chat you can write something like this on Twitter:

“join me for my cam show that starts in 15 minutes: “

It will take you just a couple of seconds to do that. Don’t worry about such a long URL that makes your message beyond 140 letter limit. If you are using Twitter client such as TweetDeck it provides you with the way to shorten your URL. Otherwise you can use free URL shortener service like TinyUrl where you copy your link and it provides you with the short version of it. So your message will become:

“join me for my cam show that starts in 15 minutes:

Once you post such a message all your followers will immediately get it. And by clicking on the URL they will get right into your free chat room where they can see you real live.

But that’s not all. Because Twitter is so popular and has it own search, some “hungry” guy can search for “cam show” and your message will appear in search results. And again, he clicks the URL in your message and see you live. This way he most likely become your follower on Twitter and if you really seduce him he may buy a private show!

I just showed you the simple way to attract more visitors to your free chat room. These visitors will more likely spend money on your private show than those who are regular visitors of cam site you are working on.

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