Webcam Model Roselynn Locks Reviews iCamModel Service for Independent Cam Girls

by Alex Shwarz on September 8, 2011 · 0 comments

About a year ago, we have helped to set up an independent web site for webcam model Roselynn Locks. The site has grown into established independent online business with solid fanbase and it keeps growing every day. Roselynn shares her experience with the service from the very beginning:

Key Points:

* Roselynn has her site up for over a year

* She was working on cam sites for about 2 month before she decided to go independent

* She was doing independent cam shows via IMs (Skype, Yahoo, MSN) for regulars from cam sites, making much more money than on cam site. So decided to go independent

* The service was affordable and priced really well

* Besides doing all the technical work the service included the tutoring on how to be a webmaster of your own web site

* Roselynn was so confident that she built her second site all by her own

* iCamModel support was helpful in the long run after the site was complete

* Big network sites take a big pay from the model earnings. But when you run independent site you pay only small processing fee to payment processors (around 10%). That’s the big reason to have independent site

* You can sell photos, videos, used panties and other stuff on your own site

* Roselynn also learned how to do search engine optimization (SEO). As result she gets really good search engine traffic that turns into paying customers. You want searchers to find you when they type something in Google. Search engine traffic is the way to go.

* Cam sites don’t let you cross promote. You can do whatever you want on your site.

* Don’t think that you just set the site up and guys start coming to you automatically. You do have to promote your site. You do have to update it.

* Roselynn worked very hard and now she sees the results. She spends very little time on cam sites and more on her own

Contact us if you are interested in starting your own independent webcam modeling site or have any questions. You can also find more info here.

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