The Newest Hot Trend – Webcam Shows For iPhone!

by Alex Shwarz on August 22, 2011 · 9 comments

When you work as a webcam girl you need to always be on top of the newest and hottest trends before you are left in the dust. With the recent influx of guys wanting to watch webcam on iPhones you almost owe it to your-self to get in on this hot new super money making trend.

Independent webcam models have the advantage here since they are able to set their own schedules and are not dependent on the approval of a major webcam site. Offering this new service as one of your many services is extremely easy. You simply need to install the right app for Skype on your iPhone and you can broadcast your show from anywhere you are comfortable with.

You can still charge via your billing providers as always. You still use skype as your platform only now you are no longer bound to your studio.

Why does this new form of webcam girl show broadcasting work so well?

This new cam girl broadcasting system opens up a few more niches to you. Think outdoors, paddle pumping, public humiliation, financial domination for shopping slaves, foot fetish and more. You can take your client on a fetish and seductive slut adventure which will have him coming back for more.

Now more stagnation during your shows! Your background changes constantly, which give a little bit of added spice to your shows and show off your versatility and quick thinking. It shows you as a woman with just the right amount of exhibitionist tendencies who is not afraid to take her sexy self outside of the box. The box being your Studio and House.

No more losing potential shows because you are stuck running an errand. No more forcing yourself to stay at home so you can make money. iPhone webcam modeling gives you additional freedoms you had to sacrifice up to now.

Guys have more access to you and can really feel as if they are part of your life. Perfect for Girlfriend experience, cuckoldry and money slavery.

Interested but don’t know how to get started?

Have it added as a special service to your website or blog site. If you don’t know how to do this make sure you Contact Us to update your website or if you are brand new you may want to check our service. Download the app for your iPhone from Skype and you are ready to start.

An interesting fact you can’t afford to overlook!

Did you know that currently less than 10% of webcam models offer this wonderful service? Big mega webcam sites have not added this service as far as I know at all, nor do I foresee them doing so in the near future. Only 10%! This means if you add this now, you are getting in on the ground floor level and potentially give your own independent webcam model business a huge boost. It also means you have a big draw over mega webcam girl sites at a low budget.

Time for action is now Ladies!

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. This is not a huge money investment or even difficult to do. Add yourself to the top money making models now by staying up to date and in trend. Very important as an intelligent, sexy and successful super star model which you thrive to be.

Once you have added this service, don’t forget to advertise your new service. Be pro-active, market yourself and watch your income increase!

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1 Solar Razor 01.25.12 at 9:59 pm

Hmmm Interesting, need to try it out and if it works I’ll post info.

2 Beth 01.25.12 at 10:01 pm

Doesn’t this make you extremely vulnerable to stalkers? Aren’t phones much easier to track than computers?

3 Alex Shwarz 01.25.12 at 10:03 pm

Not really. If you use Skype from iPhone, it’s the same as you use it from computer. So, no risk at all. Plus there are other iPhone apps that allow you to get separate phone number and use it for text messages.

4 Candy Lee 01.25.12 at 10:04 pm

Webcam modeling sure has come a long way since it’s beginnings! Wow just one more way to make more money and I love the idea of taking a client on a shopping trip!! Thanks for the post

5 webcam españolas 02.09.12 at 12:49 am

Can anyone give me some info if this really works. i just want to try it.

6 Roxi 10.12.15 at 8:59 pm

I am a model on a website and I need to find a way to broadcast from my iPhone. I downloaded skype but I dont know what email to type in to connect it to my profile on my existing website that i work for.

7 Alex Shwarz 10.13.15 at 8:22 pm

Create a separate email address and use it for all your webcaming needs

8 Roxi 10.14.15 at 8:21 pm

I have a seperate email for my webcam job and I intend to use that. So are you saying that I just need to create a new Skype account with that email address and I can work through that? How will my webcam profile link to my Skype account?

9 Alex Shwarz 10.15.15 at 8:00 pm

Yes, create a new Skype account with that email address and use it. You need to check with your site first to see if they allow to link your webcam profile with your Skype account. Many cam sites don’t allow since they don’t want to give up their customers …

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