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by Alex Shwarz on October 27, 2011 · 1 comment

by DynamiteXXX

Being independent webcam model, I am a frequent user of twitter. I write an average of 10 tweets a day (communicating with my fans and other webcam models) and considering I am not on my computer for more than 7 hours a day I have found a great way to keep tweeting and have those tweets get the most impact even when I am not around.

I use an online program called Timely to manage my tweets.

The site is simple, just like twitter. Same look and feel. Once you signup and authorize Timely to speak with your twitter account it runs a report for you based on the last 199 tweets you published and gathers some data for you.

This report will show show you what posts had the most impact and what time they were viewed at.

It also shows all the retweets on that post and all your replies as well.

It is a great snap shot of your twitter account!

When Timely has figured out what times your post have hit their highest impact you can then enter your tweets into the application. Timely will then post it for you at those time intervals.

Another great tool is, Timely makes it easy to post by adding the tool to your bookmarks. Say I want to post a twitter announcement about my new blog post. I simply go to my blog post or website and open my Timely queue. Up comes a box entering the relevant information for you. All you have to do is hit Submit and it will be posted on your twitter.

If you want to add tags or more description you can edit the premade post to your liking.

You have a choice of either posting now or add to queue. This is your next high impact time.

When your done You can view your scheduled posts and reports.

On your dashboard it will show you all the tweets you have in your queue. You can also view your performance. Here is where it will show you every tweet you made.

The top line shows you a snap shot. An overall picture of performance. How many tweets have been published since you joined Timely. How many Retweets and how many people you reached.

Then below that a breakdown of every tweet. If you had a link in your tweet it shows how many clicks were made to that link. Who Retweeted your tweet. And how many people it reached.

I was amazed to see the performance. I had no idea the impact my twitter account really had.

In one week out of 26 Tweets I have reached 41,184 potential clients, Had 16 Retweets. And some posts which contain links have been clicked on 383 times!

Not only is this tool efficient for just your every day tweeting. But having the important tweets posted at high impact times really pays off.

So Happy Tweeting Ladies!!

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1 SterlingRose 01.25.12 at 10:06 pm

Great idea! Timely sounds like it would be an excellent asset to any independent cam girl. I always learn something new from DeeDee.

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