Now Cam Girls Can Sell Paintings Picturing Themselves To Fans!

by Alex Shwarz on June 24, 2010 · 0 comments

cam girl mona lisaSelling posters is one of the ways cam girls can make money out of their fan base besides cam shows. To sell a poster all you need to do is to print a good photo of yours  in large size (like 8 X 10), autograph it and mail out to the buyers physical addresses. Most likely the fan who bought your poster puts it on the wall otherwise why would he need such a big picture. Now imagine you could sell not a large size picture but a real paining of yourself printed on canvas in a nice frame (like “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci). You can do it now with

CanvasPeople website provides a service where they will take your digital picture and print them onto canvas. Once you upload the picture you can choose the frame and many other things to improve the final painting. In about 5-6 days they will ship you the resulting painting. It looks so great and real that you can easily sell it to your fans for the top price.

Although I think that this new service is good for cam models, it can be used in your non-virtual life too. It could be nice and unusual present to your family members, friends and loved ones. You simply pick the best picture that you have related to that person, order painting of this picture through and present it to them.

CanvasPeople are running great promotions right now until July 6th where you can get 8 X 10 painting of any picture you want for FREE. You’ll have to pay for shipping only. Also you can order paintings of bigger size for as cheap as size 11 X 14 for $9.99, size 16 X 16 for $23.99 and so on. I’ve personally used the free offer for 8 X 10 painting and the final product looks just great. I would definitely recommend to try this FREE offer.

Do you sell posters to your fans? How does it work for you? Please share in comments.

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