Twitter is a Smart Cam Girls’ Best Friend

by Raven Skye on March 19, 2014 · 0 comments

twitter-cam-modelsBeing a cam girl cam be hard work, as well as lots of fun. However, being an independent cam model requires a lot of self-promotion. And, if you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on promoting yourself. I’d rather spend my hard earned cam dollars on bills and shoes. :P Therefore, Twitter is an amazing option for marketing yourself, your brand, your cam shows for FREE. Who doesn’t love free?

Let me give you an example how I actually made money and got cam clients by using Twitter for FREE. I now have over 16k followers but long before that many guys would DM (direct message) me and ask for a cam show. A lot of guys were time wasters (you get these A LOT in the cam business) but many were legitimate requests and I got some good paying Skype cam shows from using Twitter. I would Tweet sexy teasing pics of myself with a link to my indy cam profile or my Yahoo messenger name and I actually still get TONS of guys messaging me on Yahoo asking for a cam show because they found me on Twitter. So, there are so many FREE ways you can make a lot of money as an independent cam girl and one of the best of these is Twitter.

Twitter can be a little complicating if you’re new to it. However, after many years of using Twitter and marketing many different products on it, including myself, I have come to know the ins and outs of it. Let’s start with the first step. You need to actually create a Twitter account. Simple enough. Go to and on the top of the page it says create a Twitter.

Make sure you choose a Twitter name that you like because it will represent you and your cam girl brand every time you send a Tweet. My Twitter user name is Raven69Skye. This has my cam girl name in it, which is very important. You want all of your followers and those who are not yet following you to know exactly who you are. Don’t pick a name like hotgirl19. That will not help market your brand.

Now, you have a Twitter account with a good name. The next step is to add a profile picture to your account. People will see a small thumbnail size of this picture every time you tweet or retweet anything so make it sexy but no nudity. Twitter doesn’t allow nudity and why give it away for free anyway? ;)

Third, you should change your Twitter profile background. You can use one of the already-made default backgrounds Twitter offers or you can upload a sexy picture of yourself and click the box so it will repeat the image all over your profile background. This will show people, whenever they look at your profile, who you are and what they can get from buying a cam show with you. Then add words and your cam site or website links to your profile. Twitter gives you a space to add your website link so make sure to put it there. Then, write a short bio about yourself such as:

“I’m Brandi a hot 21 year old webcam girl with fake tits and a dirty mind. I love doing Skype cam shows so visit my site or Tweet me to play ;)”.

Anything you want to say to show people who you are and what you offer. Quickly read my bio on my profile for ideas:

Now, you have your account set up, your profile picture uploaded, a sexy background, and your profile filled out. You’re almost done. Yay! The next step is to start following people. You want to mainly follow people who are in your industry or related industry. For example, when I was setting up my Twitter I typed in the search box the following terms and followed people with related accounts: sex, adult industry, porn, pornstar, fetish, fetishes, model, cam girl, webcam model, sex work, and so on. Get it? I sure hope so. Now follow new people every single day to build up your list but do not spam people or following thousands of people a day or Twitter will freeze your account and think you’re a spam account. Just follow maybe 50 new people related to camming per day. This will help those people see you following them then they will follow you back and BAM! You’re getting new followers.

Now, start Tweeting! Don’t overdue it by Tweeting every thought that pops into your head or spamming people with your cam profile links dozens of times a day. A few Tweets a day should do it. Promote your cam profiles, tweet sexy enticing pictures of yourself, retweet other people’s interesting quotes or sexy pictures, etc.

One more tip, Tumblr is a great free marketing tool, as well. And you can link your Tumblr account to your Twitter account so every time you post or reblog something on Tumblr it will automatically post it to your Twitter account! Twice the marketing for half the work. ;)

Before you know it you’ll have over 16k followers like me. :) It took awhile but I love Twitter and it’s worth it. Happy camming and remember that you don’t have to spend money to make money. :) So, have fun and go get those new cam clients!

Raven Skye


What It Takes To Become Independent Camgirl

by Alex Shwarz on April 22, 2013 · 2 comments

In the three years I’ve been an independent camgirl I’ve seen a lot of faces come and go in this independent niche of the cam world. However, there is a core group of independent camgirls who have figured out how to be successful in this niche of the industry, and they (we) all share one quality in common, the ability to wear ‘multiple hats’ and successfully negotiate multiple responsibilities simultaneously.

Independent camming is tough work and has a high dropout rate. I really think the main reason for this is that many women enter the niche of independent camming without fully understanding what the job entails, and what is required of us in order to be successful. I think many women are initially attracted to independent camming because independent camgirls do not have to give a high percentage of our earnings to a cam site, but there’s a conceptual disconnect among many regarding exactly what those cam sites do in order to ‘earn’ their percentage. On a cam site, the site is responsible for ongoing promotion, marketing, payment processing, tech support and web design. Essentially, that’s what camgirls are paying for on a regular cam site. When making the step into independent camming, it’s important for women to recognize that we are responsible for every single aspect of our careers. It’s not just about throwing up an ad or three, logging in, greeting our customers and doing amazing cam shows ☺

I used to think of myself as a cam girl, specifically an independent camgirl, but as time goes by I recognize that being a cam girl is only one aspect amongst many of my job description. In truth, I’m a webmaster, a designer, a promoter and marketer AND an independent camgirl. If I omitted any one of those tasks I wouldn’t have any cam shows to perform, or customers to share them with.

That conceptual understanding of independent camgirls as equal parts webmasters, marketers and camgirls marks the difference between those who succeed and those who struggle in this camming niche, and I appreciate that it is a difficult transition for some. In truth, I spend far more time doing work related to camming as an independent than I ever did on a cam site. I spend far more time working on my site, networking and promoting than I ever did sitting in free chat. I say that not as a complaint or an attempt to scare women away from independent camming, rather as an illustration of what is required from us in order to be successfully independent. I love independent camming, but it’s not for those who aren’t prepared to invest the ongoing effort required in order to succeed.

Making the jump into independent camming is not simply about changing one’s style of camming, it requires of us a fundamental change in how we perceive ourselves and our roles as independent camgirls. To be successfully independent we need to understand we’re responsible for every aspect of our business. If we don’t do the work required, no one else will. Personally I love that feeling of being in control of my own career. That feeling makes the work worth it, and ultimately that much more rewarding. For camgirls interested in reading more, feel free to check out my Tips for Skype Camgirls


WeCamgirls, the community for Cam Models

by Alex Shwarz on March 5, 2013 · 1 comment

When searching the internet you can find a lot of forums and communities where customers and cammodels can meet and interact. is different. Customers are not allowed in this community. This makes it a great starting place for camgirls to share tips, exchange ideas and share experiences without customers peeking. A place where they can network and get information. And a place where they don’t have to restrain themselves in what they can or cannot write. WeCamgirls was launched in March 2012 and since then it has evolved into a true cammodel community.

The heart and soul of the community revolves around the forum and the model profiles. Communication and networking are a very important way to keep the community going, but since WeCamgirls has been built from scratch, it is based mostly on suggestions. All kinds of different cammodels – newbies as well as the established ones – were asked what they were looking for in a community. We implemented their suggestions as much as possible. This way we developed a lot of interesting and innovative tools. One of the tools that has been a success and is used most (besides the active forum) is the review section. Verified models have the option to review all kinds of camrelated sites. It started out with reviews on camsites and studios, but expanded to other cammodel related businesses like content selling sites and payment providers. At this moment there are over 450 reviews that can help models choose to do business with. This is one of the sites unique selling points because all other reviews on camsites that you find on the internet are written by customers. What customers are looking for in a camsite is totally different from what a model is looking for.

Since March 2012 WeCamgirls has grown quite a bit. Models join on a daily basis and at this moment we have more than 1100 active members. To keep the site fair and square we introduced a “verified model” system (customers are not welcome in bold and with caps on the signup form was not enough to keep them out). Only verified models can make full use of the site. They have access to the verified forum and they can write reviews. Verified models also have the option to create a commercial profile which is linked to another site: This is a profile site where models can create a free account with all the info about their shows, pictures, dos and don’ts, status updates etc. and where they can attract new clientele and maximize exposure.

WeCamgirls is a great way to get advice and guidance. If you are an aspiring model, knowledge is power. The cambusiness can be a very tricky one and there are a lot of people who’d like to steal your piece of the pie. Your solution? Arm yourself to the teeth with information so you don’t make the same (sometimes very costly) mistakes that others did. On models are happy to share their experiences (good or bad) and to answer all your questions, while providing a friendly “customer free” atmosphere.

WeCamgirls has been created by PartnersinPorn a start-up founded by two enthusiastic webmasters from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) who decided to combine their strengths to build all kinds of different community networks.

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Independent, Fetish-Oriented Webcam Model Renee

by Alex Shwarz on December 4, 2012 · 0 comments

My name is Renee and I am an independent, fetish-oriented webcam model who enjoys every aspect of hedonism that it is possible to come into contact with. You can find me in my online home at I’m a Mistress in the dungeon and a strong-willed, ambitious libertine when I’m not.

My site not only offers sexy,independent webcam shows customized to fulfill your desires, it also offers intellectual as well as aesthetic stimulation. I firmly believe that intellect and sexuality were meant to be fused together, creating the epitome of perfection. I’m the vixen who enjoys fusing intellectualism with sexuality whenever possible. The goal of my website is to fulfill that enjoyment for everyone. Whether it’s a rousing discussion about Plato’s Republic or a steamy, hot camshow–vanilla or fetish— I want you to leave with all senses and synapses satisfied.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read thus far and are interested in purchasing a show, then please visit my website, subscribe to my blog, and start a conversation with a woman the Marquis de Sade himself would be proud to know.


This guest post was provided by Mark from CamModelDirectory – a great way to advertise your independent webcam modeling services for FREE.

There are thousands of adult cam sites on the web where cam models offer their services, but experienced sex cam enthusiasts know that if you want a truly private and personalized experience, finding a model who performs cam to cam with freely available tools such as Skype is the way to go. Many sex cam performers are abandoning the traditional business model of working on a large sex cam site such as Streamate and instead are working independently. Today’s technology makes it easy for both models and viewers to engage in a truly private video session where the model and viewer can do as they please. This allows the models to focus on their client without being bothered by other viewers, and it allows the client the be sure no one else is spying in on the show. Plus, since the model doesn’t have to give up 50% or more of her earnings to the site operators, she is able to charge less and still make the same or more money for each show. Clearly this is a win-win situation for models and viewers.

The number of cam models who are working independently is growing quickly. The terms Skype sex, Yahoo sex and MSN sex have even been introduced into the lexicon to describe interactions between people engaging in virtual sex using these online tools. Today’s independent sex cam providers have many options for video chat including Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Oovoo, Facetime and many others. And with advances in camera technology and bandwidth, viewers can receive a great show without the need to join one of the large adult chat sites. Many viewers prefer this type of engagement because they can get a great, personalized show without having to listen to beggars and other obnoxious viewers in public chat rooms.

Of course being an independent cam model has its challenges, primarily building a client base. Without the marketing resources of a large adult chat operator bringing in viewers, independent models have to find other outlets to promote themselves. This is one reason that we decided to create CamModelDirectory. As fans of independent cam models ourselves, we often find it difficult to locate models. There are few directories dedicated exclusively to adult cam models. CamModelDirectory is designed to provide an outlet where models can advertise their services, and viewers can browse or search for performers. Models should also take advantage of sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote their business, but we at CamModelDirectory are dedicated to making our site THE place where models and viewers meet.