When one takes a look at the rise of the webcam industry, which actually started in the 2000s with the increase in internet speeds and introduction of web cameras, it is apparent that this side of the pornographic industry is on the constant rise. Truth be told, with so many options that you can get from a live webcam show, this segment of the industry is rightfully called the future of porn. Since the webcam industry allows for a lot of models to have a steady job, the quality of the shows is on the rise and it is slowly, but surely overtaking the world of porn. Besides your usual pay-sites, great thing about this industry is that it is brimming with free sites like 4MyCams.com that enable their users to enjoy in the shows free of charge.

What greatly influences the popularity of the webcam industry is the ability to actually interact with the star of the show. People nowadays can truly and literally live out their fantasies via webcam models that are more than willing to please their audience. That interaction between the client and the star is something that attracts a lot of people to the webcam websites, as they search for new ways of sexual satisfaction. One can see how this kind of thing has advantage over the classic porn videos, where the action is acted out and edited, as the models are there, right in front of the person, doing all those things in real time.

There are various webcam shows available that range from simple interaction with the model, which may or may not strip down, to models that are willing to masturbate in front of the cam and use sex toys to deliver amazing shows. There are also couples that enjoy doing kinky things in front of the camera, so one will get to see real people having sexual intercourse live on your computer or smartphone. Really, it does not matter what a certain person is into, as they can find it all when it comes to webcam shows. One might think that the same situation can be applied to porn videos, but one must consider implications of the meaning of the word live and the heightening of senses that happens when someone watches an event occurring in front of them.

Basically, the models that are the stars of webcam shows are starting to become financially powerful, which is the testament to the rise in popularity of webcam industry. Whether or not it will surpass porn movies remains to be seen, but one can surely state that this has changed the face of porn forever. Porn industry always knew how to adapt to new technologies, and the webcam industry is the prime example of that. One just cannot ignore the fact that there is a great number of people who are using webcam shows for sexual satisfaction and that that number is constantly rising.



There are many things, concerning the webcam industry that only its models know. Those models are usually looked upon as today’s whores, which is a complete bogus. Many of those girls choose to keep their cam life a secret, so they wouldn’t get discriminated or hated; however, some models from webcamchamps.com decided to share their deepest secrets.

First, we had a cute and a very young cam model that just started this job. She sounded very nervous, almost frightened, but what does she have to fear? Well, it’s very easy once you are already in this job, but one of the hardest things is the beginning. How will you appear to other people, and how will you be judged? As she said: “Getting ready for work is quite fun, and no big deal, except when it’s your first day as a cam girl!”

Webcamming can be very fun; you can talk to strangers and fulfill their dirty desires. However, what happens when one of your relatives or close friends stumbles upon your cam channel. How do you explain that to the family? There is nothing wrong with being a cam model and for some of the girls, it is quite different from being a porn star, but your family might not see it that way. Almost every cam girl we interviewed said a very similar thing: “I just started working, and it has been a lot of fun! But, what if my family stumbles upon my channel?”

Then there is always the money problem, which is one of the biggest reasons behind every decision about becoming a webcam girl. There is nothing bad about that decision! The more popular webcam models are known to make a lot of money, even though their physical or virtual bosses (studio vs. freelance) take most of that income. Whenever we asked a model about their money status, they simply replied something similar to: “At first, I became a cam girl just to be able to pay my bills. Turned out that I can fully support myself with the amount I began to make!”

When most people think about cam girls, they judge and call them the Internet whores; believing that they became webcam girls because they dropped out of school, and they cannot do anything else. This may or may not be true, and in most cases, it is not. Some of these models are extremely smart and have high IQ. They are simply trying to earn money so they can pay for their school expenses: “When I became a cam girl, I didn’t understand why guys liked watching and paying for webcam sessions, and I still don’t understand. However, they are putting me through college, so I am happy working as a cam girl!”

Overall, not all cam models are the same, and every one of them comes from a different background. Most of them are actually just trying to earn money for their school while others try to earn money so they can support their families.

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Review of FireCams.Com – a Free Live Cams Site

by Alex Shwarz on February 16, 2016 · 2 comments

Firecams.com is a cool website to have live sex. It looks a bit old­ fashioned, but… You know, the classics never deceives. Besides, such a design makes the user’s experience better. The site is easy and comprehensible as it was created to make you feel comfortable and worry­-free while chatting online. The navigation is very friendly and clear. It is like an old friend of yours. You don’t have to spend hours figuring out how it works. You just feel confident from the very first moment.


First Steps

Come to the site and look around. There is plenty of wonders on the main page. The first things you see are the categories, and, of course, the pictures of the models online. As a guest, you can browse them all, check out the profiles, try free chats and even get access to the streaming video. But we’d recommend you to sign up. Why? The registered members have lots of benefits, among which is a possibility to order a private show.


Done with the registration? Browse the categories and find a cam model to fit your taste. There are Asian cam models Ebony babes, European vixens, etc. All the rest is even easier. You just send a message to the chosen girl (or guy). That’s it! Just a message is enough to start having fun on FireCams.com.

Video chat is a great possibility not only to discuss your fantasies, but also to ogle half­naked women. Doesn’t that sound tempting?

Private Shows

This kind of fun is only available for the registered users. And yes, it is not free. You will have to pay for such a show. But…

You must try it out at least once. Why? Well, aren’t you curious how does it feel, when you a director of your own porn show? You can make any of your nasty fantasies come true, make a shy beauty show you how she masturbates, and many other things.


Extra Fun

This site is not only about chatting. There is some extra fun stuff, too. Each model has a profile, where you can find some information about her, check out her nude photos and recorded shows, and join her fan club. The fan club membership helps you to save money and get notified when your favorite camgirl is online.

For Those Who Live in Motion

No laptop at hand? Use your phone or tablet to have fun on FireCams.com. Wherever you are, you can enjoy free mobile sex chat. Simple navigation and mobile adapted interface guarantee the best experience for you. Enjoy!

For The Models

Well, we are not sure FireCams has its own program for the models. There is not even a hint of themodels’ login page or anything like that. But if you are interested to work with them, you can always contact the administration of the site.

Your Safety And Privacy

FireCams.com not only provides you with the hig­quality service, but guarantees your privacy and safety. They know how to keep your secrets. Feel free to share your sexy fantasies out there!

On the whole, Firecams is a good sex cams site where you will have lots of fun. It is user­friendly, mobile­ready, and multilingual, so chances are it speaks your language! You will love it at first sight!



Whether someone intends to work full time for a web cam site or just for some extra money, choosing the right adult web cam site can be pretty difficult. And that is because this industry has literally exploded in the last decade, each day seemingly seeing the opening of a new such enterprise. Keeping this in mind, how can one choose between the new, emergent businesses and the old, already established ones?

The answer might seem easy at first – go for the site that has already proven itself, because that site will be the one to offer you the most. But is it so? In very few words, it might just be. An old adult web cam site already has its own frequent visitors, some of which might as well be yours. Furthermore, when working for an old website, the risk of not getting paid is greatly diminished – as said, these are businesses and they wouldn’t have flourished if there was something wrong with the payment system.

And there is even more than that, something that doesn’t pertain to technical difficulties – and that is where the room moderators intervene. Working with an already established website means that everybody knows what their job is. The room moderators will most likely be able to spot any trolls or stalkers from the first moment they enter – and this alone will diminish the stress such a job might bring you. But there are also cons to working with an already established website. And this comes together with everything that was said until now. And the biggest issue is to find your first clients, since they may already be hooked by other models.

How about the new adult websites, (there are many of them that have been launched lately, but we will only mention SpicyWebcams). Will it be easier to start working with them? Basically, it also depends on several factors. A major con would be to attract the clients to a website that hasn’t proven itself and that hasn’t received any positive reviews. In a way, nobody would enter them without actually knowing that their money is well spent. As far as a client is concerned, there is only one reason for which an adult web cam site doesn’t have too many client – and that isn’t the fact that it is an emergent one.

Nonetheless, the pro is that once you’ve hooked your clients you can say that they are yours – if you keep the shows interesting for them, it will be quite a while until they find another model, simply because that website doesn’t have that many hosts from the first place. Furthermore, the offer of models isn’t too varied on new adult websites. And this is a big pro, especially if you are not included in the same category as the predominant one. It’s easy to understand why, since you will be like the spot of color in a sea of non­-colors. It can be tricky, however, with the payment system and any other aspect that might concern the technology. An older website has dealt with such issues in its beginning days. A newer one is just facing them – and it might take some time until all the bugs are fixed.

All in all, it might sound appealing going for the new adult website and work for it. Just like it might sound appealing working for the already established one. The thing is that this choice should always be made while keeping in mind what your attributes are and how willing you are to break on the market. Once you have established what your aim is, choosing between emergent and established adult web cam sites should be as easy as pie.


Why a Cam Girl is so much more than just a model

by Alex Shwarz on March 25, 2015 · 3 comments

Erotic images have existed as long as mankind itself but in relative terms, cam girls are the new kids on the porno block. As such, very little research exists about an industry which is growing faster than a teenage stiffy in a strip club. We know virtually nothing about the wide role cam girls play in this business. Sure we can look at the analytics and see who is pulling in the most dough. But just what is it that makes for successful live camming?


By those in the industry, cam girls are known as models. Certainly the clothed models who appear in magazines and tv ads selling everything from toothpaste to cars don’t ever have to interact with their audience. At no point does the Colgate girl get a text message from some anonymous guy saying “can I watch you squeeze the tube?”. Or at least not that we know of.

Positive interaction

Cam girls will thrive or fail based on their interactions with the client. And we’re not just talking about the flirting and sexy stuff here. As with anything on the Internet with public assess, from time to time the trolls will come knocking. Sites with free registration and free chat like FapShows.com mean that anyone can sign up to chat with the models in real time. Not every client uses their best manners in these conversations and the FapShows girls might have to deal with some unpleasantness from time to time. Fortunately the models control the conversation and this is what the block or mute button is for. Everybody knows not to feed the trolls. Positive communication is key.


Of course, the ability to communicate with the cam girls is what makes live sex cams so popular as opposed to traditional pre-recorded porn. The need for human communication is as basic as the need to masturbate. It’s ingrained in us all. So how much of the popularity and success of live sex camming can be attributed to this need for human interaction. Many models gain a following of repeat clients who come back again and again and develop a familiarity. If the girls are conversing with the clients about things other than sex, does that change the rules of the game? At what point do cam girls become virtual girlfriends or even therapists? We just don’t know. The lines between sex, pornography, erotica and therapy are blurring.

Modelling is not enough

I would argue that the term “model’ does not accurately portray the job done by these cam girls. They do more than just pose their bodies as the client requires. They have to be personable and communicative, they have give a believable performance, but most importantly they have to be businesswomen. They have to know what their assets are (no pun intended) and know exactly what to do to see a healthy growth in their incomes (pun intended). They need to know what clients want, when they want it and just exactly how to play the scene so that the tips flow freely and there is a queue of clients waiting to pay for a private show. Because these girls aren’t doing it for fun, it’s a job, the aim is to make money, even if the byproduct is an awful lot of pleasure and pleasuring. These cam girls have to be models, yes, but being beautiful is not enough.