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If you’re an independent camgirl (or on your way to becoming one) your twin main concerns are probably the two that are shared by all participants in the niche of indy camming: promotion and payment processing. As all indy camgirls know adult processing rates are high and quality clients can be difficult to acquire, and these twin challenges can act as barriers to success for camgirls who struggle with overcoming them.

My name is Jesse (I’m known around the ‘net as Jesse Quinn and Quinn69) and I’ve been an independent camgirl for quite a few years now. I’m well established in the niche, and I decided it was time to venture into a new project. My aim was to create an independent camgirl listing directory that addresses the needs of indy girls by offering quality traffic, multiple features for selling cam shows, content and pay-per-min phone sex and the highest payout percentages available among indy camgirl listing sites. In sum, I wanted to build a listing directory that I would be excited to join if I were a camgirl in need of payment processing and promotion. Here I’d like to introduce, an independent camgirl directory for skype shows, phone sex, custom videos and ‘download now’ videos, all at a payout percentage comparable to those offered by adult IPSPs (internet payment service providers) such as CCBill and Epoch.

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Twitter is a Smart Cam Girls’ Best Friend

by Raven Skye on March 19, 2014 · 1 comment

twitter-cam-modelsBeing a cam girl cam be hard work, as well as lots of fun. However, being an independent cam model requires a lot of self-promotion. And, if you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on promoting yourself. I’d rather spend my hard earned cam dollars on bills and shoes. 😛 Therefore, Twitter is an amazing option for marketing yourself, your brand, your cam shows for FREE. Who doesn’t love free?

Let me give you an example how I actually made money and got cam clients by using Twitter for FREE. I now have over 16k followers but long before that many guys would DM (direct message) me and ask for a cam show. A lot of guys were time wasters (you get these A LOT in the cam business) but many were legitimate requests and I got some good paying Skype cam shows from using Twitter. I would Tweet sexy teasing pics of myself with a link to my indy cam profile or my Yahoo messenger name and I actually still get TONS of guys messaging me on Yahoo asking for a cam show because they found me on Twitter. So, there are so many FREE ways you can make a lot of money as an independent cam girl and one of the best of these is Twitter.

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What It Takes To Become Independent Camgirl

by Alex Shwarz on April 22, 2013 · 4 comments

In the three years I’ve been an independent camgirl I’ve seen a lot of faces come and go in this independent niche of the cam world. However, there is a core group of independent camgirls who have figured out how to be successful in this niche of the industry, and they (we) all share one quality in common, the ability to wear ‘multiple hats’ and successfully negotiate multiple responsibilities simultaneously.

Independent camming is tough work and has a high dropout rate. I really think the main reason for this is that many women enter the niche of independent camming without fully understanding what the job entails, and what is required of us in order to be successful. I think many women are initially attracted to independent camming because independent camgirls do not have to give a high percentage of our earnings to a cam site, but there’s a conceptual disconnect among many regarding exactly what those cam sites do in order to ‘earn’ their percentage. On a cam site, the site is responsible for ongoing promotion, marketing, payment processing, tech support and web design. Essentially, that’s what camgirls are paying for on a regular cam site. When making the step into independent camming, it’s important for women to recognize that we are responsible for every single aspect of our careers. It’s not just about throwing up an ad or three, logging in, greeting our customers and doing amazing cam shows ☺

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WeCamgirls, the community for Cam Models

by Alex Shwarz on March 5, 2013 · 2 comments

When searching the internet you can find a lot of forums and communities where customers and cammodels can meet and interact. is different. Customers are not allowed in this community. This makes it a great starting place for camgirls to share tips, exchange ideas and share experiences without customers peeking. A place where they can network and get information. And a place where they don’t have to restrain themselves in what they can or cannot write. WeCamgirls was launched in March 2012 and since then it has evolved into a true cammodel community.

The heart and soul of the community revolves around the forum and the model profiles. Communication and networking are a very important way to keep the community going, but since WeCamgirls has been built from scratch, it is based mostly on suggestions. All kinds of different cammodels – newbies as well as the established ones – were asked what they were looking for in a community. We implemented their suggestions as much as possible. This way we developed a lot of interesting and innovative tools. One of the tools that has been a success and is used most (besides the active forum) is the review section. Verified models have the option to review all kinds of camrelated sites. It started out with reviews on camsites and studios, but expanded to other cammodel related businesses like content selling sites and payment providers. At this moment there are over 450 reviews that can help models choose to do business with. This is one of the sites unique selling points because all other reviews on camsites that you find on the internet are written by customers. What customers are looking for in a camsite is totally different from what a model is looking for.

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Independent, Fetish-Oriented Webcam Model Renee

by Alex Shwarz on December 4, 2012 · 0 comments

My name is Renee and I am an independent, fetish-oriented webcam model who enjoys every aspect of hedonism that it is possible to come into contact with. You can find me in my online home at I’m a Mistress in the dungeon and a strong-willed, ambitious libertine when I’m not.

My site not only offers sexy,independent webcam shows customized to fulfill your desires, it also offers intellectual as well as aesthetic stimulation. I firmly believe that intellect and sexuality were meant to be fused together, creating the epitome of perfection. I’m the vixen who enjoys fusing intellectualism with sexuality whenever possible. The goal of my website is to fulfill that enjoyment for everyone. Whether it’s a rousing discussion about Plato’s Republic or a steamy, hot camshow–vanilla or fetish— I want you to leave with all senses and synapses satisfied.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read thus far and are interested in purchasing a show, then please visit my website, subscribe to my blog, and start a conversation with a woman the Marquis de Sade himself would be proud to know.


This guest post was provided by Mark from CamModelDirectory – a great way to advertise your independent webcam modeling services for FREE.

There are thousands of adult cam sites on the web where cam models offer their services, but experienced sex cam enthusiasts know that if you want a truly private and personalized experience, finding a model who performs cam to cam with freely available tools such as Skype is the way to go. Many sex cam performers are abandoning the traditional business model of working on a large sex cam site such as Streamate and instead are working independently. Today’s technology makes it easy for both models and viewers to engage in a truly private video session where the model and viewer can do as they please. This allows the models to focus on their client without being bothered by other viewers, and it allows the client the be sure no one else is spying in on the show. Plus, since the model doesn’t have to give up 50% or more of her earnings to the site operators, she is able to charge less and still make the same or more money for each show. Clearly this is a win-win situation for models and viewers.

The number of cam models who are working independently is growing quickly. The terms Skype sex, Yahoo sex and MSN sex have even been introduced into the lexicon to describe interactions between people engaging in virtual sex using these online tools. Today’s independent sex cam providers have many options for video chat including Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Oovoo, Facetime and many others. And with advances in camera technology and bandwidth, viewers can receive a great show without the need to join one of the large adult chat sites. Many viewers prefer this type of engagement because they can get a great, personalized show without having to listen to beggars and other obnoxious viewers in public chat rooms.

Of course being an independent cam model has its challenges, primarily building a client base. Without the marketing resources of a large adult chat operator bringing in viewers, independent models have to find other outlets to promote themselves. This is one reason that we decided to create CamModelDirectory. As fans of independent cam models ourselves, we often find it difficult to locate models. There are few directories dedicated exclusively to adult cam models. CamModelDirectory is designed to provide an outlet where models can advertise their services, and viewers can browse or search for performers. Models should also take advantage of sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote their business, but we at CamModelDirectory are dedicated to making our site THE place where models and viewers meet.


These days it is getting more difficult to find the right payment processors for your own independent webcam business with the increasing stance against adult industry and the high fees that Visa is now charging for “high risk” businesses.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for the right payment processing option for your business is the percentage and payment turn around they are offering. Some of the companies out there take as much as 30% of your income, which negates the entire reason you started your own independent webcam business to begin with. The goal being that you keep as much of your hard earned cash for yourself as possible instead of shelling it out to others.

Another important thing to consider is the track record of the Company you want to give your business to. How long have they been around? Are they known for their integrity or are there a lot of complaints against them from merchants and customers? A little Goggle Search and some posts on related Adult Webmaster Forum Boards will bring you the necessary information.

Next of course you need to take into consideration what type of services you are offering. Are you trying to sell Webcam Shows only? In that case you need a company that deals in “block charges” or pay per minute charges. Are you looking for a Membership option? Again you need to make sure this is available with the provider. For those who wish to sell goods (used panties, hardcopy videos etc) along the way the options become even more narrowed down, since many of the online adult billing providers don’t cater to this but are opting for digital transfers only. Always make sure to read their fine print! I know this seems obvious, but most people overlook it. When running your own business, especially in the Adult Entertainment Industry, you can’t afford not to look at every part of any contractual agreement you sign.

Recently, within the last 6 to 8 months, the credit card companies have added higher fees and requirements again, which translates to higher “credit card acceptance fees” via some of the better billing providers out there.

Be prepared to have to pay a $500 to $700 annual fee to accept Visa in some cases. Again read the agreements carefully since in some cases it is waved if you make over a certain amount a month and don’t have any chargebacks.

A few of the companies you may want to check into are CCBill, Verotel, and Zombaio. Each of these three Companies have a good track record and have been around for a while now.

You can check into as well if you are opening a Membership Site or want to accept Tributes. Be aware that their percentage is high so and they pay out only once a month after you have reached a minimum payout goal.


How Can A Cam Model Achieve Superstar Status?

by Sandra London on June 22, 2012 · 0 comments

The strongest factor in determining an entertainer’s launch to mega stardom depends primarily on their individual ability to both anticipate and to adapt. This continues to be the ultimate formula to succeed in any industry, and the webcam industry is no exception.

The advent of instant connectivity in our tech-centric generation makes it increasingly difficult for any one individual to keep tabs on every new social platform upon which to implant one’s brand. The sheer force and magnitude of the new age of socially-driven consumerism is something which particularly affects the ability for any one performer to be infinitely at the ready— but its power cannot be discounted.

The question then becomes:

How feasible is it to expect any one brand or entertainer to be able to keep tabs on every new app, widget, social media community, etc , when the entire world is essentially, only a click away, anyway?

For entertainers who want to go the distance, it will require either an advanced and/or intuitive level of foresight or willingness to seek out those professionals who can fill in where they cannot.

This would include identifying the most ideal social management systems which:

  • work best functionally (i.e.: are simple to use or easy enough to master)
  • have the widest reach,
  • provide pertinent in-real-time data
  • and have the highest long-term potential.

Those performers who can successfully respond to the ‘group market’ and the desires of their fan base (who now have more opportunities to directly engage, interact, and share feedback collaboratively than ever before) will thrive in any form of entertainment.

Therefore, connectivity and community is where an entertainer’s focus should be.

Lastly, we must remember that our brand of entertainment is as much a luxury item as any other.

The Next Big (Luxurious) Thing will always evolve, rise, and shine—– as per usual.

Sandra London


Is becoming an independent Webcam Model for you?

by Alex Shwarz on April 26, 2012 · 7 comments

There are two different schools of opinions on the wisdom of becoming an independent webcam Model. For many the fear of high cost and extreme time involvement of getting becoming lucrative on your own is a deterrent as my friend Luke Madison from has pointed out in several of his posts.

Luke has given many great tips for beginner male and female webcam models who want to remain with mega webcam model websites or are just starting out in their online webcam model careers. His e-book “How to make your first $10,000 online” does have a lot of valuable information for beginner male and female webcam models to offer.

When you first start out as a webcam model regardless of your gender a mega webcam site is not a bad idea at all. You don’t have to worry about building your own traffic and can concentrate of learning your skills as a webcam performer. Something which is very important before you take the plunge into becoming an independent webcam model and owning your very own webcam model website! Once you have learned the essential skills and have created a following for yourself it is time to move on, not before. Where once there was a high cost of starting up was the key deterrent, which no longer is a factor. As you know my service gets you started with a small one time payment.

You can never have enough information as a webcam model. I would say if you are brand new you might want to read both blogs carefully to see where you feel comfortable and fit in. Visit my friends blog at and learn the very basics including his reviews on some of the mega webcam model websites and when you are ready to take the leap or need a bit more advanced knowledge you come here and read the information given to you by some of your fellow webcam performers. Nothing like learning from those who are walking the same path as you.


How to Overcome Stagnation as a Webcam Model

by Mysteria on March 20, 2012 · 0 comments

No matter what industry you work in, sooner or later you are going to get the blahs and stagnation has set in. Being a webcam model is no different. As normal and understandable as it may be it can mean a death stroke for your business if you don’t take actions to overcome it quickly and breathe new life back into your-self and your shows.

As a webcam model you have one of the few careers in which reinvention can be not only fun but very profitable. Think through the mind of a man for a second. Men love variety, which is why they come to see you to begin with. Of course you do have certain men who enjoy a specific personality type or a general look. Most of the time those are your regulars who keep coming back to you since they find you delightful.

With that stated you already have the one and only main rule you need to keep in mind when thinking about reinventing yourself a little. Don’t change your core personality into the complete opposite of what are up to this point.

Here are a few quick ideas of how you can overcome not only your shows but your own stagnation as a webcam model.

1. Change locations!

A change of your webcam studio if you are an independent webcam model can bring a new background look, a new coat of paint and often a new personality just waiting to emerge. Being an independent webcam model really has a huge benefit here since you are not tied down (sorry no pun intended) to just one location. One of the craziest changes I personally ever made was taking my studio from my office to the kitchen. No matter what sort of webcam shows you put on there is a lot of nasty, naughty fun that can be done in a kitchen. It breaks up the humdrums and you once again feel yourself challenged to incorporate some of the “new” props sitting around. Aside from that you just gave the boys somewhere else to picture you in their favorite fantasy. Here you can include some of the little less done fetishes into your webcam shows. Apron fetish, Domestic Goddess, over the counter sex, pinup style, 50’s housewife, naughty housewife… you get my point!

2. Change your appearance!

Nothing like a trip to the hair and nail salon to pep us gals’ right up and webcam models are no different. Why not change your hair color and style a little bit and get your nails done nice and long with some fun designs. If you don’t want to take the risk of changing your hair color, invest in some fun wigs. Remember that a lot of guys do associate different appearances with different personality and this always works amazingly well when you want to adopt a slightly altered persona for your webcam shows. Why not be a blond sex kitten for a day, a dark haired vamp who is out to drain you dry, a red headed sexpot, or an intellectual but hot brunette teacher or boss. If your clients take to it you can always keep the persona and develop it a little further as you go along. If not you had a day of playing dress up and that does all of us a little bit of good. Personally I would announce a once a month “out of my character play day” in which you can allow your paying clients to vote on their favorite play day character! It breaks the monogamy of your webcam shows up, allows you the webcam model to have fun and gives your clients something exciting to look forward to. “What will my favorite webcam model come up with next?”

3. Adopt a new fetish interest!

With so many fetishes out there it isn’t that difficult to find a new fetish interest you can sink your teeth into. There is nothing like learning something new to overcome the blahs. Remember fetishes are fun because they are so personalized. Even within the same fetish you will have a lot of different variants. Of course enlisting the help your webcam customers is always a bonus. Most men love to teach us women something new! As an independent webcam model you only have the rules you set for yourself, which means your playground is a lot less restricted as long as you stay within the laws.

4. Partner up!

If you are an independent webcam model and you have a couple of friends near by in the industry offering a double team session can be a great way to break stagnation in your webcam shows. Not only are those great for the guys who always fantasize about girl on girl actions, or imagine they could be the star in a threesome, but it gives you someone else to play off of. It can be great in different fetishes as well. Think feet fights, shotgun smoking, wet and messy, etc. There are many different things you can do by yourself, but the options always open up wider when you have a partner you can play with.

If all else fails perhaps it is time for you to take a short hiatus. Sometimes we burn out so much that we just can’t stand the thought of turning our webcam on any longer. It never helps when you force yourself to do webcam shows during those times. Take a week or two off if you can afford it and just do things which are completely webcam model business unrelated. If you do a lot of dildo shows, pack the dildos away for that time. The point is that you can get yourself back to the point where it becomes fun again.

Stagnation happens when the fun has been taken out of your webcam model business. Sometimes all it takes is a little switch up as I demonstrated above to make you feel more playful again. Once fun returns stagnation departs!

Now why are you still sitting here – its playtime!